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Keeping the Heirloom Seeds alive through the Cherokee Nation

March 31, 2016

My Bear is Cherokee.  Because he is Cherokee and has his CIBC card (Indian blood card), he is entitled to participate in the Cherokee Nation Seed Bank. Each year, the Cherokee Nation offers to its citizens the opportunity to get two packages of heirloom seeds that are part of the Cherokee history.   Last...
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Happenings on the Ranch – Belt tightening addition….

March 4, 2016

  Where do I start? It’s like my world is a 1000 piece puzzle all jumbled up. Lots of emotions – hurt, anger, sadness, scared, excited, frustrated, hopeful On January 15, 2016, I was told that due to a corporate merger/acquisition and downsizing, my position had been eliminated.  I was told this over the...
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Tractor Supply, one of my favorite stores…

June 30, 2014

I love love love to go to Tractor Supply.  They carry our Purina Strategy, Equine Senior, Chicken feed, and much more.  One of the reasons I really appreciate them is that about twice a year, spring/summer and fall/winter they send out a coupon.  Not just any coupon but a 10% off entire purchase coupon....
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Kit’s “Popgrain” Balls for Horses

December 8, 2011

Ever wanted to get your horse one of those expensive *cough* 19.99 grain balls but could not justify the...
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Horse and Canine Popsicles!

August 2, 2010

Don’t know about all of my readers areas but here in the midwest we are under a Heat Advisory...
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Oatmeal carrot Krunchers

August 8, 2008

Here is a fun recipe and the horses absolutely LOVE them! Supplies:Mixing bowlCookie sheet Ingredients:1 cup dry oatmeal1 cup...
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Angel Wings Copper

This post has taken sometime to write. One, because of the pain in heart left when two of our beloved animals received their angel wings. Don’t get me wrong, I rejoiced that they received their wings and are no longer in pain, but the hole left in our hearts was and still is very...

Mamacita received her angel wings

This will be one hard post.  I can’t keep from crying as I post it. Mamacita received her angel wings.  She had started slowing down, she was getting on in age, but oh how she loved life.  As animal lovers, these are the times we do not look forward too, when quality diminishes and...

Dogs of the Ranch

Dogs of the Ranch

Our barn seems to have a homing beacon for all the homeless dogs (dumped, strayed) and most of all pregnant dogs.  It seems we are on the underground railroad for homeless pregnant moms who need a safe place to have their puppies.  I have two know that once the pups are weaned will be...

Happy New Year – 2014!!!

  I’m not looking back and staring at 2013.  It is almost 24 hours since the old year, wrapped up, never to be seen again, and I am glad.  2013, Thank you for all of the lessons………2014, I am Ready! For the last 3 months, I’ve been very sick but trying to convince myself I...


This post has taken sometime to write. One, because of the pain in heart...

This is one of my hardest posts to right, ranks right up there with...

I don’t really blog about Zeke.  When I think of Zeke these are the...

Spring/summer time at the Ranch is a magical time.  The rain we have been...