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Coupons – not just for humans!

August 29, 2008

Okay, a couple of friends have asked me how I feed my five dogs and 8 horses using coupons and save money. I’m going to give you some ideas.

For Dogs:

I clip every coupon for Purina Dog Chow (this is the only food that will not cause Wyatt yeast infections in his ears and his tummy tolerates it – go figure).

I signed up for Pet Perks through PetsMart. I get e-mail deals from them and one is for 15.00 off 50.00 or 10.00 off 25.00 which is usually for a 72 hour period so you have to be ready to use it.

I know that they will have a sale on their dog food every 4-6 weeks so I purchase the bags when they go on sale or when I get my 15.00 coupon. It’s almost like getting one bag free and I also use my coupons which reduces my cost even further. I then use the 10.00 off 25.00 and send my husband through the register. My last register transaction before coupons and discounts was 126.78 and after my coupons and discounts, I walked out paying 52.89!!!

Regardless of how many dogs you have you can do this with pre-planning – I make it a game to see how far I can reduce my feed bill without compromising on quality.

For Horses:

I signed up for Omolene University and took the challenge which now gives me 20.00 off coupon, 10.00 rebate coupon, and additional coupons for taking short surveys. All my friends are signed up a well and give me their coupons – this is for letting them bring their kids out to ride.

I use these coupons when our local feed mill is having a sale on Purina feed. (I feed Purina feed, a special grain mix that they mix for me, and good quality hay)

I also purchase my feed mix in bulk which helps reduce my cost.

I also look through ebay to see if anyone has any coupons for sale – I have a certain amount I will spend to get a coupon and never more so that I make the money.

For hair care for my horses – Walgreens double dipping is the best and most affordable way to get hair care products for my horses! Clip Coupons and then use the Easy Saver to save even more!

In addition to the above – I make my own treats for my horses as well as hair care and fly repellents. I do not compromise on quality, I’ve just taught myself how to get it without paying the cost for it.

The cashiers hate to see me coming because they know it is going to take awhile – people behind me cannot believe the savings after coupons and some have run after me asking me to show them how I do it!

If you have any additional ways to save – PLEASE send them my way!

Happy ridin!

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