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Hello and welcome to Raging Bear Ranch’s First Post

August 4, 2008

Hi, Thank you for checking out our website (http://www.ragingbearranch.com/) and our blog. To get this started I would like to give you a background about myself. I LOVE HORSES with a passion and to my knowledge the book I have written has never been put together nor have I seen a blog of this type. I welcome all readers – I am giving a good discount on the book to anyone reading this blog – just send me an e-mail at nancy@ragingbearranch.com and I will send you the instructions for purchasing the book. The introductory price is $25.00 including shipping!. Please feel free to read my reviews from others who have read my book and what they have to say. This blog is dedicated to life with horses and dogs and how you don’t have to break the bank to have animals in your life and everything else in between that is frugal. If you have not already done so, please check out http://www.livingonadime.com/ website for more ways on being frugal!

Now, on with the introductions to our family!

First, I would like to thank my husband, best friend, and soul mate, James, for believing in me and encouraging me to reach for the sky. You are my very best friend and I don’t know what I would do without you.

I would also like to dedicate this book and blog to my Daddy – Gary James (No, not Dad, Daddy – I’m still his little girl you know) – Thank you Daddy for fueling my love for horses! I’ll always remember you racing around on Cricket and you lost your hat and you swung around raced back and without stopping you snatched your hat back off the ground. You were my hero – my John Wayne. I would also like to thank Pat James for sewing my Pretty “rodeo” shirts when I was running barrels and the covers for my tack. And making sure that I was dressed to a “T” for the rodeos!

I would like to thank my Mom, Linda Polsgrove, for the riding lessons when I was younger. I still remember wearing my “Cowgirl” boots to school and being teased, I didn’t care – if only those kids knew how much freedom you have when you ride a horse. I took riding lessons during the week, and could practice on my own horse on weekends. I would also like to thank John Polsgrove for “chauffeuring” me to these riding lessons when Mom couldn’t.

I have had several horses growing up through the years but there are some that stay with you forever – they stamp your heart and I am fortunate to have had these types of horses. Cricket, my beautiful golden palomino-you were so patient with a very young and inexperienced horse crazy Cowgirl – you gave me many days of sheer joy as we covered a lot of miles riding in our pasture and on the road. You fueled my imagination, pretending to be in the Old West, chasing the bad guys as a Sheriff or being chased by the good guys as part of the James Gang. No matter what, you were always there with me ready for our next big adventure. I do have to mention the horse before Cricket. “Bucky”, and the name fit her well! She was a small paint mare that threw me more times than I can remember. I’ll never forget my Dad, picking me up and dusting me off and telling me – “Never was a Cowgirl that couldn’t be thrown, Never was a horse that couldn’t be rode” as he put me back up on Bucky for another go-around. I couldn’t have been more than 9-10 years old – she taught me to have a deep seat! Then I got Cricket – I was forever grateful for my dear sweet Cricket.

I have to mention my beautiful horse Babe (Kansas JayHawker AQHA) who is gone but not forgotten and lives in my heart forever. He taught me so much and I am honored to call him my friend. We ran barrels together for many years and there was nothing I couldn’t do with Babe. We traveled thousands of miles together running barrels at the different rodeos. Never was there a better best friend to a young teenage girl than my horse Babe. Babe was laid to rest at the age of 21. His pedigree is the bluest of blue bloods and his heart was as big as Secretariat. I will never forget you my friend.

Misty, you will always be my “big girl” even though we “fought” over James. Misty did not like men but she LOVED James. We would be walking the pasture-checking fence and she would bully her way in between us and just walk right along with us. She had this thing about when it was time for feeding and you called her in, she was very impatient and would knock James’ hat off so that he would put the feed down to pick up his hat and she would steal a few bites. She would also, at feeding time, come running at you as hard and fast as she could and then apply the brakes and stand right in front of you with this look like – you rang?. Justin, my son, rode her in the lead line class and won First place on her – she knew when he was on her and she walked on eggshells. My proudest moment was our first halter class at a major Appaloosa show – she was so good and stood up without being asked! She was my first horse that I showed at the Tulsa State Fair to win two first places and points.

These horses and our crew that we have now have helped to fill this book. I don’t claim to be a professional or a “know-it-all” in the horse world but I do claim to know how to keep horses without breaking our bank account and this knowledge is what I would like to pass on to you. I love to ask people about their shortcuts and tips and I do a lot of research on the Internet, reading books/magazines, watching videos, and attending/participating in clinics. This book is a compilation of tips, remedies, homemade recipes and information that I have found to be beneficial to our life with horses. Something’s we use everyday, others once in a while and then others are there for the “just in case” moments. We currently have 8 horses and they are constantly teaching us that we don’t know anything – they are very humbling. Just when you think you have them figured out, they will show you that you don’t.

Below are the joys of our life and how they became a part of our family:

Zeke joined our family first, he was a long yearling (15 months) when we got him. We found him on the Internet! We gelded him when he turned two – very traumatic for his “Dad”. He is one of the best horses we have and is a joy to work with and train. He is very calm and quiet and nothing seems to bother him – he is now 6 years old. He is a registered Quarter Horse that goes back to the legendary Three Bars. He will begin his formal barrel training this spring (2008).

Our next addition was Kit; she is the apple of our eye. She is a registered Paint and she does make a fashion statement. I earned every hair on her body. James had a contracting job doing landscaping and part of it entailed using a Tiller for a retaining wall. I tilled almost the entire side helping James finish this job so we could buy Kit. It was very hot that weekend in July, it was close to 104 degrees but I did not care – I was on a mission! If you have ever seen the movie Hidalgo, or Spirit-Wild Stallion of the Cimarron, you would think she looks like Hidalgo or Rain. I had only had Kit for two weeks and our first show I took her to for some exposure I showed her at halter and she won first place. She has the honor of having been chosen to be in Pat Parelli’s conference here at Lake St. Louis. James and I were very proud of Kit, thanks to Pat we came back loaded with knowledge to apply to our horses going forward. Good news! In September & October (2006) I was able to run barrels on Kit without any issues. As a matter of fact, she received points in both races and we received money in the second race! Not bad for a little girl who has been off most of the season. I did not let her go fully, we were only high loping the pattern!!! Look out next season – Kit is coming! Update: 2007 Kit took me to the Reserve High Point 4D for the IL 05 NBHA – we missed the saddle by 2 points!!!! Watch out for the speed demon next year!

Pete joined our family next, we bought Pete for James and those two are the best of friends. Pete does not care for many people but James and Pete share a special bond. James learned to ride on Pete and Pete takes care of him. One day while we were riding in the indoor arena – I was focusing on working with Zeke and James calls out to me – I turn around to see my husband standing (yes, I said standing) in the saddle and Pete just standing there not moving a muscle. My heart did two backflips and landed in the back of my throat! I knew then that Pete was a special horse for James. Pete shares a special bond with a friend of mine’s child Joseph. Joseph loves to pretend he is Woody and Pete is Woody’s horse from the movie Toy Story. Pete is so gentle with Joseph and Joseph has a blast riding – he can remove his limitations while riding if only for a brief time.

Banks or “World Bank” joined our family in May of 2005 after an illustrious racing career in Illinois and Indiana. He has LTE of $107,000.00 and his pedigree goes back to the legendary race horses – Secretariat, War Admiral, Native Dancer and Man-O-War. We purchased Banks for $1.00, the bill of sale is on the back of a racing form! He is my special black beauty and he likes people to think that he has a bad attitude but he is a big puppy dog. I am learning to ride English on Banks for the first time in my life and he is so patient with me. He really takes care of me while we are riding and he is such a beautiful mover – it is a sheer joy to ride him.

The next horse to join our crew is Ike. He is a 16H QH that goes back to Hancock, Poco Bueno and Joe Reed. Ike was a wonderful horse that taught me a very important lesson – how to let go. Ike was way too much horse for me and had a tendency to be cold backed. On 1/6/2007 he started bucking coming around the second barrel at a barrel race and I couldn’t get his head and ended up with a fractured pelvis in two places. I started back to riding in March of 2007 on and have found a wonderful home for Ike. I was not the right person for him and I helped him find his forever home.

Cody and CharlieAngel are two of our youngsters. Cody is a beautiful 10 month old Stud colt – AQHA. We are fortunate enough to know this baby’s Sire (Impressive Pisces – Red Dun) and his Mom (Khaki Cody – Dun). My friend Lynn with L&R Quarterhorses will be assisting me with getting him ready to Show. James and I have our work cut out for us as he has had limited handling – he has not been handled since he was born so he is as wild as they get! If you look through the scruffy coat his potential shines through! Then there is CharlieAngel. CharlieAngel is a beautiful Palomino Filly – her Dad’s nickname was Charlie and her Mom’s is Angel so we call her CharlieAngel. She is just as friendly and sweet as she can be. She is now 21 months old and we are beginning the process of getting her ready for a career in Barrel Racing.

February 14, 2008, we welcomed a new baby to our crew. She is solid black with a white star on her forehead and just as cute as she can be! We call her Moonie and her grandsire is CoatsNTails! We are trying to register her as either Coat N Tails lil Diva or Ridin Papas coattails.

JT is the last guy to join our family and he is just a sweetheart. He is 4 month old Buckskin Appaloosa. We are going to campaign him in halter first and then move to performance classes. we call him Growler because he growls when he eats or is groomed. He is just too cute!

We are looking forward to creating many memories with Kit, Pete, Zeke, Banks, Cody, Charlie, Moonie, and JT. I hope you enjoy this blog of shortcuts, tips, tricks, and recipes. We are currently working on a second volume to the first book so if you have anything that you would like to add – please drop us a line we would love to hear from anyone who is just as horse crazy as we are! Enjoy the blog and don’t forget to check out the book!

Happy Ridin’ & Showin’

Equine Tightwaddery


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