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Putting weight Scotty (the Skinny horse)

August 4, 2008

Hi, well we now have a new addition to the family and I will try and get some pictures up with him shortly. I hope to find a forever home for him. He is very very skinny – I warn you the pictures are not pretty. He has been severly neglected – I bought him for $75.00 from a barn in another city close by – I know both his sire and his dam. He should be twice as tall as he is right now.

When we went to look at him, he was in a stall with NO WATER and it is HOT – the water bucket was bone dry. There was nothing in his stall not even poop! He had been eating his own poop! The guy had been given this horse and then his hours had changed and he could not come out every day to take care of him!

James said, “I don’t care what it takes to get him, make the deal!” Neither of us wanted him to stay there another night.

We got him in our trailer and thank goodness the ride was not very far as he is pretty weak. We gave him just a little grain and beet pulp for dinner along with a huge amount of hay to get him started.

Well, how do you get one of these guys to put on weight and muscle? I have him on beet pulp and have got him eating a scoop of grain now and all the hay he can eat. I just wormed him at 500lbs as I did not want to run the risk of colic or impaction. I’ll give him the other half in a week and then a full dose in 3 weeks. The vet has checked him and other than him being a Stallion and crypt orchid he is doing okay.

I am calling him Scotty too Hotty as he is a gorgeous golden palomino with a blaze face.

I also am giving him Soy Oil (similar to Healthy Coat) but I get it more economical from the local race track who sells it to me by the gallon! (25.99 for healthy coat, 8.99 for the soy oil).

So, to recap – I’m giving him oats, corn, wheat bran, salt, Soy Oil, beet pulp and a vitamin supplement along with good quality free choice hay. Anyone have any other suggestions please let me know.


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