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Saving Money on Feed

August 12, 2008

Does anyone have any ideas on how to save money on feed bill without compromising nutrition in the horse?

I use Purina Horse Chow, a grain mix that I have mixed at our local feed mill (Handy Feed – Millstadt IL), Beet Pulp, Good quality hay, and supplements for our babies.

I keep my horses on a good rotational worming process and PowerPac once a year.

I’ve found that adding additional beet pulp to our horses feed has been extremely beneficial in addition to a new oil we are trying called Cocasoya.

I’ve joined Omolene University which gave me a 20.00 off coupon and a 10.00 off six bag rebate. I have since taken a survey that gives me 8.00 off a bag of purina feed. A couple of my friends have joined omolene and given me the coupons as well.

Does anyone have any additional ideas for feeding horses tightwad style?


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