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Stop the Itch (Mosquito bites) Human & Horse

August 20, 2008

If you get bit by a mosquito take a roll-on antiperspirant and roll it on over the itch! REALLY! If you have been bitten and are itching to no end, for fast relief, roll-on the antiperspirant over the bite which will make the swelling go down and you will experience relief from itching.

“The aluminum salts in the antiperspirant help the body reabsorb the fluid in the bug bite, so it can’t cause a reation anymore,” explains Kenneth Haller, M.D., assistant professor of pediatrics at Saint Louis University.

This also will help horses who get big welps from fly and mosquito bites. I wait for the roll-on antiperspirant to go on sale with my coupons and buy four- one for the trailer, one for the truck, one for the barn and one for the house! Once they are empty, I re-use the roll-on container for fly spray to get the delicate eye and ear area on my horses. I just pop the ball out and rinse both container and ball well and then pour with some good fly spray and pop the ball back in and voila’ I have a roll-on fly repellent for less than what you purchase them retail.

Well, gotta run, have been real busy so I’ll try and post a couple of more areas in the next couple of days!

Happy Ridin’


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