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Update on Scotty (The Skinny Horse)

August 7, 2008

Well it has been 1 week that we have had Scotty now and he has been improving everyday. I hope to have pictures of him up by this weekend. He is working in the round pen very nicely and is very attached to me at the moment. Shelby was working him in the round pen and I walked up and he ran over and would not budge from where I was at – he is like a little lost boy right now just starting to find his way.

His coat is absolutely gorgeous golden color and his ribs are now starting to fill in due to all the good groceries he is getting. He just needs some time to fill out. I wormed him on Sunday with half a dose and then the other half two days later – I was afraid a normal dose might have an adverse affect on him. He has such a kind eye – I just can’t imagine anyone abusing him like they did.

I am going to make up some of Banks and Pete’s hair tonic this weekend for his mane and tail – they are a beautiful cream color but are dry. I’m going to put the saddle on him and work him under saddle this weekend. He is broke to ride but I want more weight on him before we ride but I am lunging him to get some muscle built back up on him.

Well, gotta run to work now – no rest for the weary!

Happy Trails,



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