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Crashing Horse Industry To Blame

September 5, 2008

This is something I feel very strongly about. We as horse owners need to do something to turn this around. I’m seeing WAY TOO MANY horses who are not being taken care of because of the economy.

Please read the article that is posted at the bottom.

OK Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your opportunity to speak your mind to the media about the crashing horse industry. I am sure that the animal rights people will soon be weighing in. If we don’t start speaking our minds about our personal property rights to our livestock, we all can soon say good-bye to rodeo, racing, jumping, reining, cutting and any other competition that the activists don’t think your horses should be involved in. Mr. Scott has opened the door for us, it is time that we stood up and told PETA and HSUS to sit down and shut up.

Please pass this on to all the horse owners in your address books. Those of you in rural areas can do the same thing that I did, just go to newspaper office and ask to speak with the editor and ask if he/she is interested in writing a story about a collapsing industry. Before I approached Mr. Scott, he had no idea about abandoned horses, closed slaughter houses or a multimillion dollar industry going down the toilet. What we are seeing today with the horse industry is the equivalent of the collapse of the small farmer in the 1980s.

We lost this battle on the internet, but we have to try to protect the rights that we have left, and who knows, maybe the politicians will smarten up enough to realize the money we put into this industry and the taxes paid.

Shelia C. Short


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