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Hay Run today!

September 1, 2008

James and I went to get hay today. We make a run about every 45 days to pick up a load of hay. It is about a 100 mile round trip excursion but our hay guy is awesome and we do save money – most are paying from 5-6 dollars a bale – we are not even near that and our gas to get there and back is nominal. We always stop at Shivers and get an ice cream – it’s the closest to Braums that we have found. We miss Oklahoma and our Braums Cherry Pecan Shakes!

James waiting for the next bale to be thrown.

James counting – we got 10 bale of alfalfa and 35 bale of
grass/alfalfa mix.
Helanore (yep that’s the truck’s name Helanore) – she is loaded
and ready to go – notice through the truck window who has
shed their shirt! James peels his shirt off every chance he gets
and I believe this is part of his Native American blood going
Getting that last bit of dregs out of the truck.
James is always clowning for pictures!
Here is our section of the barn where we store our hay.
we are now set for 45-60 days – we alway try and keep at
least two weeks worth of hay – in case of rain, sleet, or
snow we won’t run out.


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