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Awesome Coupon in the Mail

October 26, 2008

My poor Bear thought I had fallen or something when I opened an envelope from Purina and pulled out a $10.00 off coupon and let out a WOO HOO!! It was for taking 5 minutes to answer a survey!

If any of you own horses you will know that these type of coupons are far and few between so when you get one it is pretty exciting! All of my kids have signed up and gone through the Omelene Challenge to get the $20.00 off coupon! This has really helped during the hike in commodity prices – thankfully commodity prices are going down!

When I told him what I had received in the mail he was just as excited. We had just gone last weekend to get feed and here are a couple of pics – the first is Bear getting ready for the feed and hay runs – we rearrange hay so the new is always the last to be used and we get the bins ready for the grain. We do not leave the grain in bags as it tends to attract mice.


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