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Frugal Tip – planning the attack!

October 10, 2008

I’m submitting my best frugal tip to try and win a Flip Camera – if your interested in doing the same then click here and find out the details from Frugal Moms Reviews.

My Frugal Tip is this:

Plan your shopping attack! – You are a frugal warrior, along with your weapons (coupons, sale ads, promotions, ECB’s, Catalinas) and your accomplices (your blogger friends who helped you strategize) are about to do battle on the retail floor!

When using coupons it is best to plan your attack – use the sale ads, coupons, rebates, register rewards, and ECB’s in combinations to get the best “bang for your buck”. Some will say “I don’t have time” well, I say, “How can you afford not to have the time?”. Check out the frugal blogs – don’t re-invent the wheel. My strategy is to surf the blogs, find out what deals they have found, review the sale ads in my area and then plan my shopping list. I have been able to save a tremendous amount of money doing this. Also, I did make a coupon binder which made a HUGE difference – I can take that binder in with me and if there is a sale or promotion that I did not know about I can take advantage of it – and then go blog to all my cyber friends so they know about it!


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