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How can you afford not to use coupons?

October 4, 2008

In today’s economy many families are struggling to survive with the high cost of gas and food. So, my question is how can you not afford to use coupons and seek out the best “bang” for your buck?

My co-workers at work just laugh at me as I work on my coupon book at lunch – I smile and laugh with them – all the way to the bank! You see, I’m a frugal warrior and coupons, ECB’s, Rebates, and Catalinas are my arsenal and the stores (Walgreens, CVS, Target, Shop-n-Save, Schnucks, Wal-mart) are my battleground. Frugal warriors are analytical and strategic in how we coordinate our shopping lists, seek out the best deals, and utilize our coupons to even further reduce our out-of-pocket expenses.

When I ask my friends why they don’t use more coupons to save money they say they don’t have time. I am amazed at people telling me they don’t have time to coupon yet they complain about high prices at the stores. I will actually show them my receipts and what I have purchased for next to nothing and they just reply that they don’t have time to do what I do.

I’ve come to the realization that not everyone is as excited as I am that I just bought 43.69 worth of groceries and household supplies and spent 14.01 and have a supply for 6 months!

They will not plan their attack, have contingencies waiting on the sidelines to jump should they need them and will walk out paying full price thinking they got a good deal!

I’m probably being selfish because I hope they don’t learn – that means there will be more products on the shelves for all of us frugal warriors who are winning the battle of higher prices.

Now, every time my co-workers, friends, and family laugh at me, I laugh with them – all the way to the bank!

My question is – how can you afford not to use coupons?


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