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Kmart & Walmart

October 5, 2008

Went to K-mart on Saturday and here is what I got:

Revlon Nail Polish – 4.19
Revlon Nail Clipper – 1.79
Bausch & Lomb ReNu – 6.97

Coupons used:
2.00 Revlon doubled to 4.00
1.00 Nail Clipper increased to 2.00
2.00 Bausch & Lomb ReNu doubled to 4.00

Subtotal before coupons: 12.95

Coupon Total: 10.00

Subtotal after coupons: 2.95

Total OOP w/tax – $3.32!!

Next we went to Walmart (I’ll post some other finds later) and picked up 7 bottles of Coffee-Mate in the 160z flavored bottles. I work for a food research company and I checked with one of our scientists about freezing these and they said that there would be no problem in freezing them so we bought 7 – my husband loves these and takes them to work in the winter.

7 bottles of Coffe-Mate – 1.99 Each
(Price reduced to 1.75 price match)

7 1.00 off coupons

Total Paid 6.49 for all seven!

That’s better than 14.00 without coupons and we are stocked for the winter!

I will, however, use the remaining 1.00 off coupons at Walgreens and get the remaining ones for .50/bottle!


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