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Netflix – how we save money

October 27, 2008

People always are asking how we save money renting movies form Netflix – Easy – No LATE FEES – we can keep the movie as long as we need – We generally watch 3 movies a week and this saves us from going to the theater to watch the movies – which I hate to do. You can drop $50.00 without batting an eye if your are not careful and $40.00 at the matinee!

We save quite a bit by using the Netflix service which you have several different programs that will match anyone’s needs – if you are interested just click on the button below and check it out – it doesn’t cost anything to look around and you might like what you see.

In addition to renting movies they have movies for sale that are very reasonable for your own video library.

Try Netflix for Free!


One Response to Netflix – how we save money

  1. Mommyhood is Thankless on October 29, 2008 at 3:13 am

    We have the 3 at a time plan, we watch them the day they arrive and send them right back in. We get about maybe 18 movies a month. That is leaps and bounds cheaper than it would be to go to the movies, and it is also considerable cheaper than Blockbuster. I am very happy with Netflix 😀 Plus I like how I can keep a list of what I would like to see instead of trying to remember the name of that one movie 😛

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