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Prescriptions for Animals – Frugalized

October 7, 2008

Thanks to Andrea at Tiny Acres Horses for this tip!

Do you have a dog that requires pain medication or muscle relaxors on a daily basis?

Well, at Walgreens they carry their own type of insurance plan for people that do not have insurance and you can also include pets on the plan!

The insruance card costs me $20.

Andrea advised that this has saved her as of now $18.00 on her canine family members medications! You can even add and additional dogs for $15.00 each. The insurance Card has to be renewed yearly but over time this will save you quite a bit of cash.

Thanks Andrea for the tip!

******additional information from Andrea –

I forgot to mention…with the Walgreens “insurance” card. When you purchase any Walgreens products, they swipe your card and you get a 10% rebate on your total purchase that gets discounted towards your next Walgreens purchase! Just another perk!
Also, there is an entire 2 page list of medications that the card is good for, some include allergy meds, drops, etc..


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