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October 17, 2008

This was my first concert and I had to admit – the bar is pretty high if I go to another one!

First up was Jason Michael Carroll – and he was great – alot of energy and just so appreciative.

He has a friend who passed away at 19 – see Brittnay’s story here. Livin’ our Love Song was c0-written by him with Brittnay in mind.

Next up was Craig Morgan – WOW – great performer and connects with the audience on a close level – at one point he came down into the audience and I turned around (of course camera was not ready) and there he was – we had one chair between us!

My favorite song is International Harvester and my favorite sneak preview song is Sticks!

Then it was time for the great TRACE ADKINS! I just love listening to him sing and talk – his voice is so deep! He put on one heck of a performance and towards the end a Dad walked up to the stage with his son in his arms and he had on a cowboy hat – Trace smiled at him while singing and then came back and took his toy guitar and played it on stage with his band – it was great and now that little one has a memory for the rest of his life! He is just a wonderful and appreciative performer. His newest song Muddy Water. What they do is they send the song to a local Church Choir to learn and then they perform LIVE on stage with Trace singing Muddy Water and it was so great to know that Trace worships the Lord and knows where home truly is even when traveling on the road. If you have not heard Trace Adkins sing you are missing out on music that can truly touch your heart and soul. I encourage you to listen to his music.

I have some great photos to make a photo album with now and it was all due to a good friend of mine getting us tickets – THANK YOU DEBBIE – Love you like a Sister – Ya Ya Sisterhood!



  1. Fallen_Angel on October 18, 2008 at 5:37 am

    Enjoyed reading your concert review and looking at the photos. Especially that HOT photo of JMC! I’m a huge JMC fan! But I thought you should know that Jason didn’t write Livin’ Our Love Song with Brittany in mind. It was actually written with his wife, Wendy, in mind. He dedicates the song to Brittany Coppedge because it was her favorite song. He dedicated it to her the first time he appeared on the Grand Ole Opry…December 22, 2006…while she was in the hospital very ill with her cancer. Brittany’s parents took a laptop into her hospital room that night so she could watch Jason perform on the Opry and see him dedicate Livin’ Our Love Song to her. Brittany passed away 6 days later. Now Jason honors Brittany by dedicating Livin’ Our Love Song to her at every show.

    Thanks for helping spread the word about Brittany’s Battle by posting the link in your review!

  2. Nancy on October 18, 2008 at 1:53 pm

    Thank you for clarifying – I felt inspired by the song and remembered what he said about visiting her website – I lost two grandmothers to lung cancer.


  3. Wisconsin BC-JMC Fan on October 19, 2008 at 1:08 am

    Great recap, and nice to know the story behind the song – thanks Paula and Nancy!

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