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Betsy – the chicken

November 10, 2008

The below pictures are of our newest chicken at the barn. Her name is Betsy two and she, like the other two chickens, love my mare kit and have taken up residence in or around her stall! How poor poor Rooster Foggy is no longer with us so the girls are on the watch for a new man. I miss Foggy – he was so cute – he would let EVERYONE know when one of his girls had performed their daily egg laying and would crow and strut around so proud. I called him Foggy and his Foggy Mountain Girls. We are now looking for Foggy 2. We believe he wandered to far from our barn and was taken by a Coyote.

Anyway, Betsy two is just like my Great Grandmother’s hen Betsy that we grew up with. She raised Betsy from a chicken and Betsy just loved Nannie King and Nannie loved Betsy – even going so far as to let her in the house!!! I draw the line at allowing them in my horses stall! Betsy would terrorize my brother and I by chasing and pecking at us. When we wanted to go outside and play in our playhouse she would have to put something in front of the door to block the doorway so Betsy could not come in and get us.

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