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Gas Prices Dropping – Are you saving the difference?

November 25, 2008

Yes, gas prices are going down and I could not be anymore pleased than the next person. But, my question is – What are you doing with the difference? I budget $45.00 per week for fuel, when fuel was at $3.89/gallon.

Now that fuel is at $1.49/gallon and my husband just called to tell me that it cost $18.40 to fill the “Stanger” (my beloved mustang Sally) which will last us one week. So, what am I doing with the additional $26.60/week? Well, I’m not going to spend it nor am I adjusting my budget much for fear that the gas prices might just go up again. We will be putting the overage into our savings account to help build our Emergency fund.

I admit, I’m not the best person in the world for managing money – but I am getting organized so that beginning the first of the year my New Year’s resolution will be successful!

So, I am working on my short-term goals with Bear and our long-term goals and will have those posted soon.

So, what are you doing with the savings you are seeing at the pumps?


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