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Mail & E-mail Call for last Week!

November 2, 2008

Okay, it’s my Birthday – (Nov 4) some party will have a party – I just don’t know if I’m partying with the Democrats, Republicans, or Liberals but we shall see…Anyway, IF you sign up for your local areas e-mail clubs and you put down your birthday and your spouses and kids – you get e-mails like the ones below (I got a few more after I took this pic). I will be getting a free burger from Red Robin, a Free Sundae from Culver’s (yum), a free Burrito from Moes Southwest Grill, another free Ice Cream from Cold Stone Creamery (double Yum), a 10.00 off coupon from Nonna’s, a 10.00 off coupon from Crusoes, a BOGO coupon from QDobas.

In addition I recevied in the mail – a 10.00 off Horse feed CPN (my favorite), a 10.00 gift card from Famous Footwear, A coupon for a free bag of the new Pillsbury cinnamon rolls from PSST and 10 coupons to give out to my friends! What a way to celebrate! I also got a free sample of Tide laundry detergent (Bear used already) and a 1.00 of coupon.

In addition – I received my Degree and my transcript in the mail! I had my associates and returned to get my Bachelors – while working full time! I am glad that is over!

So, see it does pay to sign up for things – it may take awhile to get the ball rolling but once you start it is so fun to get these freebies in the mail! Especially the high dollar coupons!
I am now awaiting my $25.00 Barnes and Noble and $25.00 Old Navy gift cards for participating in my companies taste test program!


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