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Veterinarians – Gotta Love them

November 2, 2008

My Vet is the coolest vet – he gelded JT our baby & gave him his second shots -(don’t need a stud) and my poor Bankie man cut his lower lid and had to have it sewed up as well. He was quick with JT and before we knew it JT was up and walking around – mind you gingerly but moving around – he also removed his wolf teeth while he was down.

Next he took a look at Banks and decided we needed to sew him up so he gave him a tranquilizer and numbed his eye and what we all thought couldn’t be sewn he stitched up quite nicely!

And he was very reasonable – I won’t give the pricing out because I don’t think that is right but this is well within our budget for 8 horses!

In a previous post I mentioned getting to know your vet – well you need to know your vet – how about cookies just to say Thank you or a nice thank you card – or a pizza delivered at lunch just to let them know you care.

Take some time to establish a relationship with your vet and you will be pleasantly surprised at the type of relationship you will have.


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