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Being Prepared for Anything – Child Safety ID Kits – Article #3

December 13, 2008

This is so important to me that I am making a change to my Friday Be Prepared for Anything Post.

As a K9 Search and Recovery handler I’ve been on several searches for missing children and the importance of a Child Safety ID kit is key in assisting Law Enforcement and Rescue groups who are searching for a missing child.

Some key points to the Child Safety ID Kit:

1. Keep it updated – every six months
2. Make sure that you keep it in a safe place that is easily accessible
3. Let all family members know where the kit is located
4. Talk to your Children about “Stranger Danger” and what to do if they are approached by a stranger.
5. Develop a secret word that only you and your child knows – if a person does not know the secret word then the child is NOT allowed to go with the person. Be sure to have this information put in the child’s file at school and ensure all school personnel are aware of this rule you have with your child.
6. If your child has to be at home before you get off work – set up the ground rules – Call before they leave school, call when they arrive and make it in the house. All locks to be activated and if you have an alarm the alarm is to be activated. Be sure that you discuss if the child feels uncomfortable at all while walking home they are to go to the nearest house, store and call you. Teach them to trust their instict. Some cell phone companies have tracking capabilities that parents can use for their kids.
7. They are not to answer the phone nor the door – only call they are to answer is yours. They are NOT allowed on the computer while you are not there to supervise. There are safety features that computers have now that will restrict what can and cannot be done on the computer.
8. Teach your children that if they get lost while you are shopping they are to find a store employee – teach your kids where the front desk or Customer service desk is at the stores you frequent.


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