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Charlie Angel

December 22, 2008

My Beautiful little golden girl was not feeling well last night. I ended up having to give her two shots of Banamine and then I was worried that would not be enough. She just did not seem to be herself.

We all see the signs before anyone else can – something that no one else picks up on but sends the 5-alarm bells to go off in your head and gut. That what it was last night.

It’s this darn weather – from warm to cold to frigid to warm causes havoc with a horse. This is our second time around with her and I am just hoping that she is not one that any type of change will cause her to colic. Colic is a broad term for a horse not feeling well at all – it can be from an impaction, to just an upset stomach, to a gas bloat, to the dreaded twisted gut.

Well, this morning bright and early we made it to the barn – I did not get a phone call early this morning when the first round of horses are fed watered and all the horses are spot checked. I got out of the car and looked to her stall and I started to panic because I could not see her looking out of her stall – I ran to her stall and there she was, ears pointed forwards and a look like “What?” I’m just waiting to be fed. Well, Queen Kit was next to Charlie and was she madder than a wet hen! How dare I check on Charlie BEFORE Acknowledging the Queen! I explained to her that I had been concerned for Charlie but when she is mad she is mad! She did get over it when I fed her first though!

I love our horses they each have a personality that is all their own. I may not be a parent of small children but these horses are every bit a part of our family and they each occupy a space in our heart and we treat them as if they are our kids.

My Daddy once said if Elephants roamed free I would have a couple as I was constantly bringing sick and hurt animals home to nurse back to health. Our horses and dogs mean the world to me and I just don’t know what I would do without them in our life!

I just got an e-mail from an agency inquiring about Wyatt and I assisting on an open missing persons case. Wyatt has already given two families closure on missing loved ones who were involved in boating accidents.

Well, gotta run – going to CVS, Office MAX, Walgreens but first going to eat at Long John Silver’s and yes, I will be using a coupon!

Take care and Stay warm if you are in the Midwest – we are Frigid right now! Had to break ice for all the horses today.

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