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Maestro my little man…

December 16, 2008
Bear (DH) and I adopted Maestro back in 1999 from PetsMart. I was told he was 3 years old but he looked more like 6 years old – confirmed by my vet and the condition of his teeth. He has no front top or bottom teeth except his canines back. He had been abused and did not like small children. He is a Jack Russell Terror (No not Terrier, Terror!) and is the epitome of the breed. His age puts him anywhere from 13 to 16 years old. You can’t tell it when you first see him running around like a puppy doing what I call the Boot Scoot Boogie (they tuck their butt and run around as fast as they can – if you think a small dog is funny you would thing Wyatt was hysterical).

Last night I was watching Maestro as he slept in his chair and noted to Bear that he is getting on in age. You can actually hear him sleep because his snoring rattles the rafters of the house! He will get into such a deep sleep that you will scare him if you try and wake him. I told Bear that I thought he might be losing his hearing along with some of his sight. He has also come up with the most irritating groaning noise when he wants to get your attention. You would think he was dying.
I commented to Bear that both him and Maestro were aging quite well considering they both have some salt-n-pepper around the muzzle – Bear just rolled his eyes and said “Thanks alot!”.
I am so thankful that Maestro is healthy and happy – he is absolutely terrified of the vet and getting his toe nails clipped or shots. The first time I took him in to be checked it took both my husband and I to hold him while the vet gave him his shots (He SCREAMED like he had been hit by a car and every bone in his body was crushed!) and then he screamed even more when I had his toe nails clipped. I vowed that from that day forward I would give him his shots and do his toe nails. It was not nearly as traumatic (Still screamed) for me to give him his shots (I self-vaccinate our horses/dogs). As he has aged my vet and I agree that he will receive no more shots as they are too traumatic for him even when I give them. I have gotten him to trust me in clipping his toe nails – I just tip them every month and he is fine with that.
I fear that Maestro is getting the old dog disease (similar to Alzheimer) and have noticed a few things that I have decided to keep to myself. Maestro is Bear’s dog – he loves me but he worships Bear. Wherever Bear goes, Maestro is right behind him or under foot. Maestro is hilarious and I just love to watch him play, he is not afraid of any thing! He keeps Wyatt who is a 130lb Rottie in his place – Wyatt tolerates Maestro.

People on the street are afraid of Niki, Wyatt, Thor, and Duke – it’s not those 4 you have to worry about – it’s Maestro – he takes his guard dog duties very seriously. If Maestro is on duty you will not make it through the gate unless he knows you and then that is getting questionable as I see every now and then some recognition issues.
I wanted you to meet Maestro as he is a breed all of his own making – he is my little man of the dog pack but he “wears the pants” in the pack!

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