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Want to make $75.00 in less than an hour?

December 6, 2008

I have been visiting Carrie’s blog Money Saving Methods for quite sometime and am always amazed at the deals she comes across. I’ve been working up my nerve to try some of the bank offers and I just completed two bank offers in less than 30 minutes and in 4 weeks I will have made $75.00! This translates into approximately $150.00 / hour if you are looking at an hourly wage.

I just opened my E*Trade account and will get $25.00 back for depositing – get this – $1.00 into my newly opened account!

I thought, hmmm, that was too easy so I opened a Sharebuilder account and will get $50.00 back for making a $5.00 trade!!!! I bought $5.00 worth of stock in a company and they will give me $50.00 deposited into my saving account in 4 weeks.

The key to success is to FOLLOW EXACTLY the steps that she lines out in her post.

If you are interested in finding out more about these bank offers please stop by Carrie’s blog Money Saving Methods and check out the Bank offers.

I am slowly getting over my anxiety and getting more control over our finances and this was a step towards better Money Saving Methods!


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