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Car Alarms keeping you up at night?

January 3, 2009

Our neighbors car alarm kept me up ALL night long (1/1/2009) – just as I was falling asleep it would go off – it was one of those that sounds like a real loud alarm clock.

It would go off for about 2-3 minutes and then reset itself only to go off about an hour later!

I finally got up about 7am because I just couldn’t take laying awake waiting for the darn alarm to go off again.

As we were leaving the house, I announced to Bear that if that darn alarm goes off again tonight and keeps me up I will be finding the owner and wake them up every hour on the hour so they know how it feels. What I would rather do is take a sledge hammer to the darn thing and that would take care of it once and for all.

If it happens tonight – trust me, I will find out whose car it is and then I’ll bring the big girl “Hellanore” home and park her outside of their house and set her alarm off every hour on the hour! Hers is one that has all sorts of sirens, bells, wooops, and such that it is sure to raise the Dead which I only want to make a point.

If that is not enough – the next door neighbors have visitors who have brought their dog and they promptly let him out at about 6:00 AM EVERY MORNING for the past week and all this dog knows how to do is BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK and more BARKING.

My dogs are well-mannered and if they begin to bark – one rap on the window or a Shush from Bear or I and they are quiet. But the next door neighbors just let this dog BARK, BARK, BARK and more BARKING. I cannot tolerate dogs who misbehave – I guess that is the professional dog trainer in me but Darn it – Barking dogs are annoying as all get out and strums that last nerve I have – if it was barking because there was an intruder or a problem – that is one thing but just to Bark to hear itself bark is ENOUGH. I don’t blame the Dogs I blame the owners!

Okay, my rant is over and my Bear is threatening to unplug my computer.

See ya’ll in the morning!


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