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Getting Ahead Frugal and Simple

January 30, 2009

Jennifer at Getting Ahead has started a series called Getting ahead: Weekly Wrap-up and this details what she did in the past week to live more frugal and simple. Raging Bear Ranch Frugal week:

Well, was a preeettty good week if I do say so myself – and I say so!

RBR’s Frugal Week:

Took some survey’s at Opinion Outpost and increased my balance in my account from $3.50 t0 $9.00 – You can cash out when you have at least 50 points which = $5.00. Interested in finding out more about Opinion Outpost? Check my post about it here.

Reviewed my Budget and Goals for February – you can see an updated post on that one here.

Called about the Dumpsters and narrowed it down to two companies – I’m checking the BBB on both and also references. When I’m forkin’ over more than $50.00 to a service company it better be a good company to get my hard earned cash!

Clipped and organized my coupons for this weekend. Reviewing the ads against my pantry inventory to see what is needed.

Called and set-up our eye – appointments for next Saturday.

Brought my breakfast and lunch ALL this week except today – Today is PIZZA day at work and our cafeteria has the best personal pizza’s. Mattie makes the best pizzas this side of the Mississippi and it’s pay day so I allowed myself to have one. I will have to wait until pay day to get another one! That is a month away!!! I only get paid once a month.

Cashed in my $20.00 Target e-Card and got a couple of baking items – check out how I got this sweet deal – no OOP expense on my part AT ALL. I was even able to get an additional swag code for 1 swag buck credit to my account! I almost have enough points for another Gift Card!

Someone was getting rid of some bath sets (Lotion and Bath Wash) – claimed that it could no longer be sold – something about the label is not correct – nothing wrong but the label – I got 12 sets for, wait, it’s coming, wait for it……FREE, FREE, FREE! It smells wonderful!

Signed up for my one year subscription to Martha Stewart Living – Hey, if they are going to give it to me, I’m signing up!

Signed up for some awesome freebies that I found around the web – they usually come with great coupons.

Pre-registered for the Papa-Johns promotion. Check it out here.

I will be cutting Bear’s hair tonight – saving $15.00 at least.

Re-using our brown kraft paper bags that our feed comes in as trash bags at home. They not only fit the bill but are bio-degradeable so we are being more “green”.

Cashed in my aluminum cans at the recycler -earned $7.60 which goes in our Chicken account.
The Chicken account has been getting a little low lately so I was glad to put that back in – have you heard about our Chicken account? Read about our Chicken Cookie Jar here.

Recycled our newspapers

Rolled 10.00 in Register Rewards at Walgreens and got 29.50 Back and out of pocket was $2.59!
I say that is a pretty good return on our grocery budget!

Cooked Dinner all this week instead of eating out. CONSIDERABLE Savings – I shutter to think of my old ways!

What have you done to get ahead and be more frugal and simple?


3 Responses to Getting Ahead Frugal and Simple

  1. Jennifer on January 30, 2009 at 10:48 pm

    Wow, you had a really great week! I am impressed! It seems like it is the week for haircuts LOL.

  2. Amy on January 31, 2009 at 1:43 am

    Great savings. I’ll have to check your links after dinner. It’s time to go kick the kids off the Wii, there goes Mom’s quiet time!! LOL

  3. Nancy on February 2, 2009 at 12:24 pm

    Jennifer & Amy,

    Thanks so much for stoppin' by!

    I love to read comments!

    Take Care,

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