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Getting Ahead the Frugal/Simple way

January 4, 2009

Jennifer at Getting Ahead has started a series called Getting ahead: Weekly Wrap-up and this details what she did in the past week to live more frugal and simple.


So, I’m a little behind since this should be posted by Friday but I’ll post it today and again on Friday.

This past week to save money we have done the following:

Filled the Mustangs tank up when gas was $1.29 – the next day it jumped to $1.49. Seems that Monday-Wednesdays are the best days to fill the tank as the prices tend to go up Thurs-Sunday.

Bear (DH) received a Ham for Christmas – we cut this ham up into 9 (YES 9) meals and froze them for later – here is what we did:

Cut 3 2″ slices from the Ham and then cubed each slice – will use for 3 pots of beans this winter!

Cut 8 slices that were about 1/4″ thick – this will be used for 2 separate Ham Dinners – 2 slices per person.

Cut 4 Slices for New Years Dinner that were 1/4″ Thick

Thin sliced the remaining ham for Ham Sandwiches for Lunch or Dinner which would make three more meals for us.

Used the Meaty Bones buy one get one Free coupons to stockpile my 5 dogs treats for the next 6 months – Saved over 35.00 with the coupons and out of pocket was less than 12.00 – can’t remember completely.

Used my $5.00 off Kohls cash towards two pair of Gloves – no OOP expense as they were on clearance for $2.50 each. Did this transaction twice for a total of 4 pair of gloves for $0.00!
Used another $5.00 off Kohls cash towards the ear bands that I love to wear at the barn – I purchased 3 of these that normally were 6.00 each and got all 3 after coupon for $2.37!

Received my $10.00 Register Reward from the Catalina Company for a RR that did not print – Took 3 mos to get it but I finally got it – brings my total of RR to $35.00!

Printed off the $10.00 off (got 2) coupons for Glucerna products – Purchased at CVS one Multishake in Chocolate and two boxes of the Bars for a total of 21.85 – 20.00 in Coupons – used my $10.00 GC I recieved for participating on a taste panel at work for the $1.85 and received a $5.00 RR and my $1.00 for Fall spending RR – I’ve only been participating with CVS since September so I am sure this will go up. This was a money maker!

Mailed off for the $15.00 off gas card for purchasing the Rain-x wipers for Sally (mustang) – We do not scrimp on our vehicles and these are good for snow, sleet, and ice.

Gave my husband a haircut – savings $15.00 – I watched the hairdresser do it and asked her what number the trimmer was on and she told me so I told him that I had a brand new set of horse clippers that I was not using that had a blade guard for number 4 and that I could do it – we tried it and he was happy so I now do his hair!

In addition – all of our lights are turned off or are on timers – I want an outside light on as we get home after dark most evenings and I want one light to be on at night to look like someone is home. We purchased a Kerosene heater that we turn on in our upstairs bedroom prior to going to bed and this will heat the entire up stairs for less per month than it costs to use the gas heating so we can therefore turn down the heat. On weekends we use our crock pot to start supper in the AM before we leave for the barn and when we get home in the evening – done! This keeps us from going out to eat. Pack our lunches – even on weekends when we are at the barn – Except when it is truly too cold to stay out – I will use a coupon or plan on using a gift card to eat lunch at restaurants that I have GC to from my taste testing rewards from my company.

So, what are you doing to live more frugally or simple please let me know and be sure to visit Jennifer’s posts to see how she and others are living frugal simple lives!


One Response to Getting Ahead the Frugal/Simple way

  1. Jennifer on January 5, 2009 at 4:19 pm

    Hi Nance, thanks for participating! Hope you can join us again this week.

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