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Getting ahead the Frugal/Simple way

January 16, 2009

Jennifer at Getting Ahead has started a series called Getting ahead: Weekly Wrap-up and this details what she did in the past week to live more frugal and simple.

Raging Bear Ranch Frugal week:

Purchased the Olay of Olay – used an expiring $10.00 Register Reward and a $5.00 off coupon – OOP $1.65 – Submitted rebate for $15.00 Gift Card.

Coupon matched all sales for our shopping excursion on Saturday – to Stockpile which is one of our 2009 goals for the year– Purchased over $250.00 in groceries/toiletries/shoes/lunch – OOP $86.37. Registered my receipt online at Walgreens to receive my $5.00 (plus 10%) rebate. We also ate at Fazoli’s – lunch for two – $3.46!

Cooked dinner all week – except Wednesday went to eat dinner at Fazolli’s for free!

Gathered up the aluminum cans to take to the recycle plant – they purchase by the pound – we put the money into our Chicken Account (I will explain in a different post).

James took his lunch all week, I took my breakfast and lunch all but twice this week. My goal is to be zero breakfast or lunch OOP at work for both of us by February.

Called and transferred my RX to Target to take advantage of their $10.00 Gift Card on any new or transferred Prescription – the way this reads I believe if I can find another coupon I could get a new one filled and another $10.00 Gift Card.

Set up a calendar to track only rebates as I was loosing count as to what I had mailed and what I had received. (I’ll post in a separate post my method).

Setting up my pantry for stockpiling – I put together pantry lists that cover everything we have in our pantry/freezer and now it is easier to see what is needed for shopping that week. Before the list it was hard to manage the pantry and trying to stockpile.

Reviewed our Goals with Bear – I KNOW, I promised to have them posted but I wanted to make sure that Bear is onboard and aligned with the goals and budget (this is my first time for both) – This is my Six Sigma Methodology coming through from work – I have to Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control!

Found Candy Canes (the horses’ favorite) for $.50/box and bought them two – they deserve a treat now and then and I didn’t pay full price so I consider that frugal.

Scrounged a WHOLE BOX OF ENVELOPES (over 5000) that someone was tossing because the company logo (which my free in the mail address labels will cover) was out-dated!!!
Who cares if the utility bill payment is received in a standard envelope or a envelope with gold lame’ inside? I sure don’t!

Worked out at the gym at work (free membership) – This will help improve my health plus I love the feeling you have after a great work-out – I just need to stay motivated!

Well, that is about all I can think of that we did frugally this week – what did you do?


One Response to Getting ahead the Frugal/Simple way

  1. Jennifer on January 16, 2009 at 6:10 pm

    Looks like you had a great week, thanks for participating.

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