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IMPEACHED! Good Riddance!

January 30, 2009
I watched a portion of RB’s closing arguments today and I was less than impressed.

This guy has shamed the state of Illinois and it will take a long time to recover as he is not the first politician from this state to be discredited.

What is it about politicians that make them think they are above the law? I can’t even say his name or call him a man – he is just a guy who has ruined his reputation and put a stigma on his name for the rest of not only his life but his children’s lives.

He sounded egotistical, arrogant, and came across indignant that this was even going on. What is his mental malfunction? Does he not get the severity of the situation? Obviously not as he was “boycotting” the impeachement trial and then all of a sudden decided to step up and say something. The ONLY reason he did what he did was so he would not have to be sworn in nor answer questions!

So, they let the madman rant for 47 minutes and then did the right thing:


I do feel sorry for his family, they will bear the brunt of his actions for years to come.

I guarantee you that the next Govenor of IL will be watched like a HAWK and will be under the microscope on every i he/she dots and every t he/she crosses. Maybe it’s time for a female to step up to lead the state.

All I have to say is:


One Response to IMPEACHED! Good Riddance!

  1. Betty on January 30, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    Should be a great new beginning for IL. Woo hoo!!

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