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No Deals posted this week – Sorry! Been under the weather.

January 27, 2009

I’m sorry I did not post the deals for this week – I was sick over the weekend and I just was not able to get on the computer.

I have been battling some high blood pressure and water retention lately and it is progressively getting worse. I had a splitting headache over the weekend and it did not get better on Monday. I went to our first aid room at work and took my blood pressure – 184/107 – yep, you read it right! I waited about 5 minutes and took it again and it was 157/104.

I made a call to my Doctor (he had ask that I keep a record for a month to see what it would average after putting me on a different drug) and advised what the average of my BP had been over the month (147-154/102 never going below 100) and that I had a terrible headache that would just not go away.

Within 15 minutes of calling, the Dr.’s office called me back and the Dr. had already called in a new prescription. I picked up my Rx last night and I can tell you this – Big difference, Big difference! This morning was the first time I woke up without a headache raging. It just bums your whole day when you wake up and you have a crippling headache!

There are two things that will drop me in my tracks and that is nausea and a headache – I do get migraines and bad sinus headaches and those are crippling to me when you can’t seem to think straight. I just hope that this new medicine will help my BP – and keep the headache at bay.

For the record, I don’t eat alot of salt (I hardly salt any food), I have cut way back on my soda consumption, and I have been working out and watching what I eat so hopefully with that and the new meds we will be able to reduce my BP and I will be able to come off the medicine.

If you have any thing that you do to keep your BP controlled I would love to hear them as I am open to additional suggestions.


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