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RBR Mail Round-up

January 12, 2009

Okay, I’ve been a little lax in the Mail Round-up and Freebies posts – Last week was my first week back at my full-time job after being off two weeks so I was getting caught up on everything.

Well last week was rather profitable in the Mail –

Received my $10.00 Wal-greens gift card for purchasing $25.00 worth of their brand pharmacy items. Don’t panic – my total was less than that after coupons and RR’s – I had to burn the balance of $14.87 off my Flexible spending so I elected to contribute to our emergency kit. The Kicker was they originally denied the qualifications until I called in and asked them why – the first girl I spoke with had not a CLUE – I asked her to review the receipt and point out the non-qualifying purchases – She couldn’t do it – I then asked to speak to a manager because I know they did not want me to return $80.00 worth of products over a $10.00 Gift card but I would do it for principle. She then transferred me to a manager who stated he was not sure why it was not accepting the receipt as all the products I purchased were qualifying products and that he would manually override the system as a courtesy. Don’t accept what the first line defense states to you on the phone ask for the manager – I’ve been in Customer Service for many moons now and I find it utterly amazing that they can call themselves customer service when they are not willing to work with the customer. I guess they hope you will take the first answer and give up – I say, oh no I won’t, I know if I step to the next level or above that I will find someone who is willing to work with me.

Okay back to the Mail call –

Received my $15.00 gas card from American Express for the rebate when I purchased 3 $25.00 Amex Gift Cards from CVS. I received a $10.00 ECB which lowered my actual OOP to 4.85 for the activation charges and then I actually made money when I filled out the rebate form. I wasn’t expecting it so quickly!

Received a 30 Day supply of Cosamine DS from Costco (I thought it would be a 7 day supply – I’m pleasantly surprised)!

Received a Sample of Goodbites from Wal-mart – I tell you this – Wyatt can smell dog treats in the mail a mile off – he knew exactly what I had that day.

Very profitable Saturday Mail run for us! So, what’s in your mail?


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