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Dear Uncle Sam

February 27, 2009

Dear Uncle Sam,

Did you get your 40% of my incentive bonus? Would you mind letting me know how you will be using that money to stimulate my local economy? I had plans in place to help with the economy for my entire Incentive.

I was planning to purchase supplies for my house repairs that are needed – helping the economy by buying from building supply stores. Have my brakes fixed on my truck at the local repair shop – I’m sure they would appreciate the business. Put tires on my other vehicle – I’m sure that store would have also appreciated my business. Paid off some small bills to further reduce my debt – I’m sure these companies would appreciate the business. Add to my savings account towards our Emergency Fund.

That was MY plan for helping to stimulate my local economy with my incentive – so what is your plans for the 40% you took?

Just so we are perfectly clear, I worked extremely hard for that incentive and being as the economy is in dire need of stimulation, I’m interested in finding out how you will use the 40% you took. I would have thought that the government would be giving tax payers a little relief in that area. How hard did you work for the 40% of my incentive?

Keep in mind, I better not catch you sun-bathing on a beach sippin’ a fruity drink with an umbrella in it on my 40%!




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