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Getting ahead Frugal and Simple

February 27, 2009

Jennifer over at Getting Ahead posts a frugal update and lists what she has done to save money.

Here is how we did:

Saturday: Purchased my free after rebate products from Walgreens – used coupons to further lower my out of pocket initial expense of 14.00 will get back $21.00 including the 10% for having it loaded on a gift card! Went to CVS and rolled my ECB’s – you can read about my posts for Walgreens here and CVS here.

Sunday: Printed out my Quizno’s Sandwich coupons for Bear and I along with the Arby’s coupons. Free Dinner for us on Monday and Tuesday!

Monday: Used our coupons for two free sandwiches at Quizno’s – YUM! Transferred 1/2 of Bear’s check into Savings – For February we have saved 1 1/2 of his paychecks into savings. I still reserve the right to adjust but so far we are looking okay.

Tuesday: Used our coupons for two free sandwiches from Arby’s – Double Yum!

Wednesday: Printed Coupons that will benefit us this weekend. Started reviewing the Budget for March. Dinner in – hamburger and mashed potatoes and green beans.

Thursday: Joined Pink Nation and received a free coupon for a free gift + $10.00 off any $35.00 Pink Purchase. Signed up for a few freebies – don’t you just love getting the freebies?

Friday: – Bear and I are eating out tonight – I got an incentive – what is left after Uncle Sam took 40%! Read my letter to Uncle Sam here. Looking at the upcoming ads and trying to see what we need and what is required for stockpiling out of our inventory.

So, if you are so inclined…..what have you done to save this week?


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