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Getting ahead Frugally and Simple

February 21, 2009

Every week Jennifer at Getting Ahead does a weekly wrap up listing what she did frugal and simple and asked others to share. I haven’t felt too well today and stayed home today. I have issues with insomnia and had a bout with the stomach flu.

Here is how Bear and I did this past week.

Bear took his lunch all this week.

I on the other hand did not – I will strive next week to take my lunch.

Thursday, I did a speech on how to “rob a store legally” and had alot of interest in learning how to power coupon and stockpile.

Shopped at Shop-n-Save on Thursday – Purchased $58.00 worth of products and paid $41.70 but I got $20.00 in catalinas! I purchased a $50.00 gift card for $45.00 using an Entertainment coupon. Shop-n-Save has a “No Coupon Needed” promotion where if you purchase $50.00 or more in products they will take $10.00 off your total automatically. I also had an additional $5.00 off coupon from the Entertainment book along with $1.70 in manufacturing coupons. This trip was a stockpile trip.

Received our $15.00 Rain X Shell gas card.

Printed off high dollar coupons off the internet.

Was able to qualify for a $20.00 rebate voucher from Bayer for taking my Pet to the Vet.
Check it out here.

Put together my transactions for Walgreens & CVS to take advantage of many Free items.

Working on organizing our stockpiles and taking inventory of the pantry and the freezer. I even downloaded the Martha Stewart Freezer Labels I’m going to print them out and start using them on anything we put in the freezer.

Driving was kept to a minimum – only to work, barn and home.

Trimmed my doggies nails – saved $12.00 doing it myself.

Purchased round bales for $20.00 less than we normally can get them – we purchased 3 – the bales looked better than what we normally get so we felt like this was a good stockpile purchase for our horses.

We have decided to upgrade our digital video camera for an easier camera that we can use. By trading in we are hoping to reduce our out of pocket significantly.

Bear was paid today and I was able to transfer 1/2 of his check to savings. I’m still working on how much we can actually move over.

Checked out all the freebies that I posted about here.

So, how did you do this week?


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