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Getting ahead frugally and simple

February 6, 2009

Jennifer at Getting Ahead has started a series called Getting ahead: Weekly Wrap-up and this details what she did in the past week to live more frugal and simple.

I will say that I am pretty proud of us this week (other than a couple of days of eating out (planned))

Raging Bear Ranch Frugal week:

Check out all the freebies I scored this week – I thought it was my birthday all week long!

Today, because of the budget we laid out and the goals we have set – we put Bear’s check in savings today. Now, I do reserve the right to adjust what we deposited should our calculations be off – but our true goal is for Bear’s checks to be deposited into savings each month. (Can’t wait till May – he gets THREE!).
You can check out our goals and budget here.

Ate dinner at home all week – except yesterday when we ate at FAZOLI’s for their Free Spaghetti deal – Cost to us was $3.48 for both of us to dine out. Check it out here.

Working to eliminate the clutter in our lives – starting with the front room and working through to the dining room and then to the kitchen. I’m not posting pics until I’m done of the before and after because if my Dad and Mom were to see it I think I would be grounded – regardless of how old I am.

I am stopping by Target today to pick up a couple of their shelving units that they have on sale for $20.00 each. Been waiting for the darn things to go on sale – I have budgeted for these and yes it is a $40.00 expense but it will help me to stay organized which in turn will save us money!

Set up an area for our cans for recycling so I don’t have to go chasing them all over the house. Hey, .40/lb (28 cans) is a baby step right? It all adds up even the change! The chicken account needs some love.

Called to get the best deal on an oil change and air filter change for the Mustang (Sally), she is overdue. Bear normally handles this but we do not have a garage any longer (thank you April Earthquake that didn’t drop our garage until June! – story for another time) the cold makes it more difficult for him to do this so in the winter we have it done. She is going tomorrow – We make sure that our vehicles are serviced as this can get very costly when they aren’t. Proud of me Dad? – My Dad made sure that I could change the oil, radiator, spark plugs and everything in between on a vehicle and for that knowledge I am eternally grateful.

Resisting the urge to use zip loc baggies for lunch – using washable containers as much as possible and re-using the baggies that we can.

Signed up for the Dillyeo deal where you got a $10.00 Gift Card to Dillyeo and used it on a Food Processor that was normally $39.99 but reduced to $19.99 and further reduced it to $9.99 + shipping for a cost of $15.48. Now, I know you are probably asking – What’s so frugal about that? This little gem will allow me to slice, dice and make things to freeze. Michelle over at Leaving Excess showed how she increases her yield of hamburger meat by over half using carrots and zucchini as an extender and I want to do that too. I haven’t figured out the return on investment yet but it should not take too long to recoup the money spent on this frugal tool!

Cashed in my Swagbucks for $10.00 in Amazon e-gift Cards – only lack 16 more for another one – I’ll try and pick that one up this week. Don’t know about Swagbucks? Well, let me just point over to my last post to check it out!

At lunch on our Gift Card at Olive Garden (was not impressed with the service) and only cost $2.00 OOP.

Can’t wait until our company’s taste testing panel starts back up – OOOHHH the gift cards will be filing in each month! CVS is one of the participating stores!

Okay, tell me what you did to save money or simplify – I need inspiration!


2 Responses to Getting ahead frugally and simple

  1. Jennifer on February 6, 2009 at 11:23 pm

    You did get a lot of freebies! Way to go.

  2. Melinda on February 7, 2009 at 4:52 pm

    You did have a great week!

    You can’t beat eating out that cheap!

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