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Grammy’s, NASCAR, and everything in between

February 10, 2009
Grammy’s, NASCAR, and everything in between
Did anyone catch the Grammy’s last night? The only three performances I enjoyed were Kid Rock, Jennifer Hudson, Katy Perry, and Justin Timberlake/Al Green.

Their performances were knocked out of the park by the performers. You could actually hear the singers over their music. Biggest number one turn-off for me is when the music is so loud you can’t even hear the singers.

I was deeply disappointed in Carrie Underwood’s performance – her back-up singer’s voice was stronger than her and overpowered her. She looked like she was walking on stilts for the first time – wait a minute – Stilettos are stilts right? She seemed like she was having a hard time moving around and the outfit – don’t get me started!

I felt Kid Rock should have received a Grammy for his music. Yes, I am a big Kid Rock fan (don’t care for the foul language songs) but this young man has talent – more talent than most.

I like all sorts of music – if you were to see what was on my Ipod you would probably shake your head in disbelief.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a country girl through and through and my first love has and will always be country. But, I also like Hip-hop, Rap, hard and soft rock, rock-a-billy, R&B, Good ole soul searchin’ blues, Native American and other genres.

Naturally when you get to watch the Grammy’s you look forward to the collaborative pieces with cross-over genres and you find music you may not have thought you would like – Plant and Krauss – I’m going to be downloading a few songs that I found I liked!

But, what was up with the Jonas brothers and Stevie Wonder – Stevie as always was great but the Jonas Brothers need some help! And the Swagga Like Us group – HORRIBLE – I was so looking forward to that collaboration and it came off sounding like all five of them were singing something different trying to get noticed more than the next one. Jay-Z, I am disappointed in your performance. And MIA’s outfit – come on – she looked like all she needed was Mickey Mouse ears and gloves to complete the costume.

Sadly, this Grammy season was disappointing to say the least.

NASCAR – did you watch NASCAR Bud Shoot-out Saturday? Man, I hate the restrictor plate racing – all those drivers, I was feeling for them the entire night – they would run great for 7 laps and then the cars went to pot and they would hope for a yellow to come in and get a new set! And then Jr (I’m his numero uno fan!) was hit after losing momentum on a great run and ending up at the back of the pack. He was just starting to make another run for it when a car got sideways in front of him and he hit them. He was done for the night. I hope he has a great season – he is due for one that is for sure.

I look forward to the races – some of the commercials are funny too – and rooting for my #88. I love the call to start the engines and the thunder those engines make when they first start up! Listening to them circle the track at top speed is music to my ears (with earplugs). I got my love for racing and the “need for speed” from my Dad. Learned how to work on engines at a young age – probably the only girl in my high school that could work on an engine and enjoy it – most of the girls in class wouldn’t know a Philips head from a flat head let alone the difference between a carburetor and fuel injected. But my Dad made sure that I did and I will be forever thankful that he did.

So, if you do watch NASCAR – who’s your favorite Driver?

PBR is coming to town February 27 – March 1, 2009!

Woo Hoo – going to try and get free tickets again this year! Can’t afford to go unless I can get my hands on free tickets like we did last year!

My favorite all-time Bull-Rider in the PBR is Adriano Moraes! My favorite “singing” Bull Rider is Justin McBride. My favorite Bull of all time is Yellow Jacket, Little Yellow Jacket, BlueBerry Wine, and Coyote. Coyote is my favorite bull because although small he makes up for it in effort and ‘tude. He has a stubby tail because when he was a baby a coyote took a portion of his tail, hence his name!

I love the bulls and my secret dream is to be a stock contractor for the PBR! These bulls are AWESOME, and demand respect. You don’t get a second chance with these guys – they are not pets they are athletes and they know their job and enjoy it quite a bit. I’ve seen these bulls and how they are cared for first hand and they only get the best of the best at home and on the road.

The documentary’s of the Bulls and the Cowboy’s that try and ride them is enjoyable to watch. You get an idea of the respect that these Cowboy’s have for the bulls. You also get to see how well these stock contractors take care of their bulls.

Man, is it the end of the month yet????? I need my PBR FIX!

Do you watch the PBR and if you do – Favorite Rider and Bull Please!!


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