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Meet my Great Grandfather – E. H. King

February 12, 2009
I loved my Great Grandfather – called him Pop. I remember he used to drive an old 60 model caddy and when we would go up to John Carter’s cabin for the weekend on Grand Lake my Great Grandmother (you’ll meet her later) would make me a spot in the back windshield and I would lay back there and go to sleep. They always told me that if I got restless on the way up to the cabin that all they had to do was point out a horse or cow in a pasture and I was good to go.
E.H. King was an integral part of Law Enforcement in Tulsa, Oklahoma. One of the first Motorcycle patrolman, Detective, and then head of the Jail. He had notable run-ins with the gangsters Charles Floyd (Pretty Boy), Dillinger and many others. He wore many hats but he was most noted for his sense of humor and practical jokes. A colleague of mine told me that I took after him in that area – I took it as a compliment. So, Enjoy these photos of “Poppydoodle” and a blast from WAYYYYYY BACK before I was even born.


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