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Charlie Angel needs your prayers please!

March 8, 2009
I’m sorry I have been missing in action but we have a sick horse – I need your prayers please!

Charlie has been slowly going down hill over the last 4 weeks but in the last week it has progressively gotten worse. She is drinking but intermittently eating her grain and hay. She has now become depressed. The Vet was out yesterday and based on the symptoms I gave him he thinks we are dealing with encysted small strongyles which are deadly in horses if left untreated. Our normal worming routine was only helping on the 4th stage encysted small strongyles not the early and late third stage of the worm.

We started Charlie out on Safeguard this morning and will continue the powerdose for 4 more days – this is what is called powerdosing – which will help get rid of the worms. She is still in grave condition and this is within the last week. It hits all of a sudden according to what I have read and sometimes gets misdiagnosed. Doctor Lesch took one look and said that he was certain that this is what we were dealing with and here was our plan to make her better.

This was Charlie last year – she needs to get better and feel like she did then!

Bear and I wasted no time – I know it would have been cheaper to have waited and ordered the wormer online and had it shipped to us but we did not want to waste another minute so we made the 45 minute trip last night to Rural King and purchased a bag of Calf Manna (without growth hormone) and SafeGuard. We started her on the Calf Manna last night hoping the Anise would entice her to eat – she is anorexic right now so we might end up having to give her a round of B12 shots to stimulate her appetite. I administered the first tube of medicine this morning. I am hoping that this will not cause her to colic or become impacted trying to pass the worms.

Please pray for my Charlie Angel – she is such a beautiful spirit and I want her back to her normal life loving self. I am just so worried about my little golden girl – I remember her bucking and running in the turn-out and now she just walks listlessly around. We need your prayers for Charlie.

Thank you so much!


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