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Charlie Angel update

March 11, 2009

Well, we are on Day 3 of the worming regimen that the Doc put Charlie on and she is just like a Child except one thing – how do you entice a 750 lb horse (albeit a sick horse) that she has to take this icky stuff? Unfortunately we had to get the chain and run through her mouth – this, if used properly does not hurt them but will get them more compliant which it does – all my other horses don’t have a problem but she will not take anything in her mouth without having the chain present.

I gave her some B12 on Sunday and that seemed to stimulate the appetite and she did eat two meals of grain and more hay. She is insisting that she does not like our hay and is only eating April’s hay – thank goodness for barn buddies who help out! I’m trading my perfectly good hay with April’s perfectly good hay so she will eat! UGHHHH!

Next, we will be getting a gallon of a product called Red Cell to help boost the iron and it has B12 in it to stimulate her appetite. I am sure these leaches from hell that are in her stomach are just zapping her of iron and she is anemic. My poor little girl just hangs her head and is so depressed. She is eating and drinking which I am so thankful for – picky on the eating but we are not having to fight dehydration. We have added in a package of Yeast into her feed to add some Good bacteria back into her as we are flushing all the bacteria with the medicine – this should help to pick her up some more.

So far she is holding – not totally getting better but not getting worse – so I believe we have her stablelized and she will start to improve.

Please, Please pray for Charlie to get better – this is just killing me that I can’t be with her and comfort her all the time. I just feel so helpless because it is not a sure “fix”. We are doing all that we can and as long as she is drinking and eating she will, I hope, start to feel even better.

I will keep you posted about our Charlie Angel and her progress.


One Response to Charlie Angel update

  1. Ellie on March 11, 2009 at 2:05 pm

    I can’t image how awful it must be when horses get sick…just having a cat is hard when she requires meds and such. I will put Charlie in my prayers.

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