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Charlie Update # 4 – Please pray for her!

March 22, 2009

Charlie is slowly declining and it is breaking my heart. Charlie will have good days where we think she is starting to pick up and recover only to go two steps backward the next day! It is so frustrating and we just feel so helpless in what we should be doing for her!

It breaks my heart to see her suffering but she has not given me an indication that she has quit the fight. I’m desperately fighting the battle to get her better but nothing we are doing is working. I have been giving her banamine injections which seem to make her feel well enough to eat more than just nibbling. The Vet said it generally takes a few days after the last dose of wormer but we will be two weeks out on Thursday and there is no sign of improvement.

Yesterday she wanted peppermints and I crushed them up and put them in her feed again and she seemed to eat a little better. Today she whinnied at me when I came up to her but I offered her a peppermint and she didn’t want it.

She is drinking a boatload of water which is good because she keeps hydrated but as far as food – she just keeps enough in her to keep her alive – she is anorexic.

We went yesterday to get more meds for her – I cleared them out at Rural King – 3 bottles. Today I gave her 30cc’s of antibiotic(injection) and 30 cc’s of B12(mouth) – how do you convince a 750 pound horse to eat? I’m going to get a small bottle of molasses and try that on the feed. Yesterday she wanted corn and then she was tired of it and wanted a little grain. Now she is turning her nose up at her hay again. When we go back out I will give her a shot of Banamine to see if that will get her to eat.

I honestly feel that this is not something that antibiotics, vitamin supplements or analgesics will cure – I pray it is, but in my gut I just have a feeling that it is something like cancer.

Please please pray for my Charlie Angel – I am praying so hard that this precious girl not be taken from us just yet. We have yet to see her potential!

Right now I am looking for any sign that she gives me that she is giving up – she is a fighter and we will continue to fight for her. I completely understand the concept of Quality of life over Quantity of life and I know that she will put that in our hands to make that decision. I just pray that I don’t have to make that decision for her that we start an upward spike and continue on that upward climb.

Thank you for your prayers – please don’t stop, we need them now more than ever!


One Response to Charlie Update # 4 – Please pray for her!

  1. Jennifer on March 24, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    So sorry about Charlie. What does the vet think? Do you need to do another round of wormer? She is in my prayers.

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