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February Budget overview and March news

March 1, 2009

Okay, I’ll admit that February was a HARD month for us and I am over budget by $150.00!! UGH! But, remember I did reserve the right to make adjustments because this is the first time we are doing this and I’m still learning.

So, where were we over budget?

We purchased 3 round bales for $105.00 – I was not intending to purchase round bales but at this price it would save us money on our square bales. We also purchased a couple of bags of corn to test out on our boys outside which was $12.75 for the 2 bags.

In addition, I had the opportunity to purchase some stockpile items at a great price – read about my shop-n-save deal here. Well that trip along with the hay and feed for the horses put us over budget by $33.25!

I was actually over more than that but was able to reduce the OOP by reducing in some other areas and a couple of survey checks that came in. The mustang went in for an Oil Change and we also got a new belt for her – I had coupons – so instead of it costing 175.00 I was able to use coupons and reduce it down to $148.00. I can take two things off my goal with the Mustang – all she needs now is new tires (which can wait till late summer) and a tune-up – which will be in April.

However, for the beginning of March I am starting the month out with the following:

$12.00 in Register Rewards from Walgreens
I’m also getting back about $45.00 on my Gift Card from Walgreens – not sure of the total yet but I’ll get the 10% back as well!
$10.00 in ECB’s from CVS
$10.00 in Catalina’s at KMART
$20.00 in Catalina’s from Shop-n-Save
I’m also waiting for my $15.00 gift card from Olay
I still have my $15.00 Shell Gas Card which I will use this month!

So, I believe that I will be able to actually recover the $150.00 over from February this month – at least that is my goal!

It is good to start out each month with a reflection of last month and a look forward into the future.

I know that this month our truck will be going in for the brake repair – budgeted.
we will be purchasing feed for the horses this month – budgeted. Although I budgeted for this, I am contemplating adding more to this feed as I have a coupon and I am like 8 bags shy of this which is going to run me about $80.00 more but I’ll get $15.00 back and I’d rather get that done now than later and possibly forget and lose out on the $15.00!

I’m really going to try and keep our expenses down to these two for this month – more eating at home unless there is a FREE coupon for dinner – thanks Arby’s, Quiznos, and Fazolli’s! February rocked for free food! I’m also going to try and put 1 1/2 of Bear’s checks into Savings. I can’t wait till May – he will get paid 3 times in May!! I’m seriously thinking of getting a small CD with that check! Not sure yet but I would like to put it somewhere where it will work for us instead of us working for it!

So, there it is for February and I’m so looking forward to March and Spring weather so I can get some horse time in! That is my therapy – Bear, Horses, and Dogs!

So if you are so inclined – How did you do last month and what are your goals for this month?


One Response to February Budget overview and March news

  1. Ellie on March 2, 2009 at 4:03 pm

    Thank you so much for posting all this. The freebies and coupons are fun, but I have come to really enjoy reading about how you budget and so on. You actually help to keep me motivated in my own financial crunch.

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