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Getting Ahead Frugal and Simple

March 20, 2009

Every Friday Jennifer over at Getting Ahead hosts a Frugal week wrap up. Interested on how others are doing then head on over and check out the other bloggers and their frugal weeks.

As for Raging Bear Ranch – here is what we did that was Frugal:

A co-worker was given a Baby Shower at work and they wanted a donation of $20.00 for her gift. Who in the world can afford that much in this day and age! Well, I went to Walgreens and did the Huggie Diaper deal and paid $1.15 after coupons and register rewards. She received the Huggie Diapers (3 packs = $30.00) and I got another $10.00 Register reward! In addition, she received 4 of the Johnsons Buddies soaps. I then clipped a boatload of baby coupons, printed off the web and gave her a small accordion style holder filled with the coupons for her to being her couponing days! The though of asking a Tightwad to Donate $20.00 for a gift – really now!

Signed up for the Horse Owners Workshop and filled out the invitation Card so that my friend and I can each receive a $10.00 coupon just for attending. They have awesome gifts to give out also – last year I walked away with two Leather kits and a pair of work gloves. My friend Margie received 250lbs in feed! I was jealous – but only for a minute.

Printed off my Target Coupons for tonight – did you see all the Free stuff you can get? Check my post out here if you haven’t read about some of the awesome deals. I want to get a couple of the energy efficient lights that are on sale.

Still trying to get Charlie to Feeling better – if you have not read about our sweet Charlie she is very ill and needs your prayers. Check out our past updates to Charlie here. As for last night she seems to be perking up a bit – she actually nudged me and wanted more peppermints which she wasn’t interested in a couple of days ago. I even crushed some up and put it in her feed to see if I could get her to eat some feed. Bear said that she had ate most of her grain when he fed this morning. She seems to like our hay, then she won’t and she will like a different hay – each day brings a little different situation with getting her to eat. We are STILL waiting for the bloodwork to come back. I hope it is soon as I am just ready for her to feel better and kick up her heels with some beautiful spring weather we are having.

Searching the internet for the best deal on vaccines for our horses and dogs – I self vaccinate with saves us just about $15-25.00/dog or horse. This is one of the ways that we save money is to self-vaccinate – my veterinarian is okay with our vaccination program and de-worming program. So I am constantly comparing prices to ensure we get the best prices available.

Ate at Arby’s one night and used our Free sandwich coupon – will use one for lunch tomorrow since that is when it expires. Took the survey on the back of the receipt they gave us (did 2) for the soda and free sandwich and scored two codes for two free Beef and Cheddar sandwiches! Read more about the receipt survey here.

Cashed in enough points from Swagbuck’s to add $20.00 to my Amazon.com account! Do you Swag? Go here to check out Swagbucks!

Took more surveys to gain additional points – received my $10.00 check in the mail. I will be depositing $140.00 in the bank for taking surveys this weekend! One of my favorites is Opinion Outpost.

Saved $22.98 with coupons and discounts on our dog food and treats. We had coupons for everything in addition to $14.00 in discount checks which helped to bring the total down. I mailed in my Purina Pro Club weight circles to get more rebate checks. We have four large dogs and one small that thinks he is a giant!

Bear, God Love Him, takes his breakfast and lunch each and every day – I’ve been bad this week but will go back to bringing my breakfast and lunch next week. I’m hunting more Progresso Soup coupons – he seems to like their soup and so do I – he is fairly picky and not very open to new dishes other than meat and potatos.

Received my Walgreens Gift Card with 10% loaded on it. We will be getting three prescriptions filled this weekend – two at Walgreens and one at CVS and using Coupons for all three – which will net us $75.00 in gift cards!

So, What have you done this week – I would dearly love to hear about it as I am always picking up tips from others.


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