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Getting ahead Frugal and Simple

March 8, 2009

I apologize for being a little late on this one – we have had a sick horse (Charlie) so I have been a little pre-occupied with trying to get her feeling better.

What have we done this week to help Raging Bear Ranch save money:

Reflected on February and made plans for March – you can read about that here.

Re-negotiated our sprint contract and saved over – 750.00 a year!!!

Signed up for some free business cards for the blog – I’m always asked how I do it and it is usually when I can’t talk or in a hurry and so I thought I could hand them a card to check out the Blog!

Stockpiled some grain and used a coupon to save $15.00 off our feed bill for the horses.

Printed off the coupons needed for my transactions at walgreens this weekend.

Set up direct payment on our bank, canceled a checking account and consolidated all of our money into two accounts for better tracking. Will be setting up Mint.com to track our spending to see if we can shave off even more $$$ this year.

Bear patched a section of the roof that was leaking – we are trying to keep the roof one more year and replace it next year – if the creeks don’t rise!

Decided on the dumpster for the clearing of the garage. Now if I can get Bear to make a decision on when we will be doing this – Probably later this month or 1st part of April.

Fixed the printer so we don’t have to get another one for awhile.

Used some Great coupons this week for a couple of free dinner nights! Thanks Arby’s appreciate the free dinners. Keep them coming is all I can say!

What have you done that is frugal this week?


One Response to Getting ahead Frugal and Simple

  1. Jennifer on March 8, 2009 at 7:23 pm

    I hope your horse feels better soon, it is so hard when your pets are sick or hurt. I just wish they could talk sometimes!

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