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Thank You and I’m Back

March 31, 2009

Thank you to everyone who has left comments, e-mailed us personally, called, or spoke to us directly about losing our beloved Charlie.

James and I are truly blessed to have known, loved, and let go of this remarkable young horse and have friends and family who understand what we went through these last three months.

Grieving takes time and I took a break from our blog to get my thoughts straight and to just grieve.

I’m back, and I’ll be lookin’ for those deals – checking in on my budget for March and reporting on the months going forward. We have a huge tax bill that we are having to pay off so I will be having to re-adjust my budget to take care of this. So, I will be posting a re-vamp of our budget.

In addition, as we lose we also gain and the barn has a new baby born last night at 11:45pm! It is a Little Sorrel Colt and I can’t wait to introduce myself to him!

I’ll update you on our family later this week – we have some exciting things getting ready to happen and I look forward to sharing with you!

Take Care and start lookin’ for those deals to be posted!


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