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Budget Overview for March and a look at April

April 9, 2009

Okay, I’ll admit that March was a HARD month for us with the loss of Charlie, but we managed to stay within budget – I wasn’t doing much bargain hunting with Charlie being sick!!

We purchased 4 round bales for $120.00 – I was not intending to purchase round bales but at this price it would save us money on our square bales – normally a round bale is $50.00 but we got them for $30.00. We also purchased a three of bags of corn from Margie for 5.00 instead of the 7.00 per bag. We will have to go back and work on the pantry in April. I plan on going to Soulard Market to pick up some fresh vegetables – I can’t wait – I love the market. I pick up a 50lb bag of carrots for the horses and some corn – I love to cut it up and watch them slowly(yeah right) savor the fresh vegetables. Kit seems to inhale hers then tell me she wants more – she’s a little miss piggy but I love her! Moonie has learned that peppermints are really really good and she has begun to talk to me when she hears the crinkle of the peppermint wrapper. I’m going to try and bake some homemade treats for my guys this year. I have a boatload of recipes! I’m going to share some of my recipes for dogs, horses, and people!

April 1st turned out to be a bad day as Bear was in an accident. Don’t worry, my beloved Bear is okay, sore, but okay – the mustang has seen much better days. We have owned her since 96 – and we have not had a car payment in about 7 years! Looks like we might be having to look at our budget for a car payment since the mustang is more than likely going to be a total loss – it will all be dependent on the settlement from the other guys insurance company.

I am starting the month out with $95.00 in Walgreens gift cards, $25.00 in CVS gift cards, and am waiting for my Olay $15.00 gift card which shipped on Monday. I also have 4 free Softsoap coupons, $15.00 in Catalinas from Kmart and $4.00 in CVS ECB’s. In addition, I also have two coupons for $25.00 gift cards for prescription transfers that I hope I will be able to take advantage of this month. I need to get my coupon binder organized again – I let it go while dealing with Charlie, I miss her so much, I still look for that beautiful head with the ears pricked forward looking out from her stall and seeing her run and kick up her heels. I know that she made it to Heaven but I still miss her!

We do have a couple of payments this month that are quite large – Taxes – $375.00 and Truck brakes – $250.00.

I was contacted by a close friend who is a dog trainer asking if I would consider working with one of her clients privately. I am doing an evaluation Friday evening at 7:30pm which will be $50.00 towards the brakes on the truck. Then the private sessions will be approximately $65.00/hour with a minimum of 3 sessions but it sounds like this client and her dog will possibly need more privates. Our goal is to get her back into my friends class with her dog – right now we have some leash reactiveness going on – I’ll be training her how to work with him. I am hoping that I will have the taxes and the truck with this training. They will be putting me on their private referral list for dogs who need more attention than a class setting will offer. I have already budgeted for the Truck but if I can make this extra then all of it will go right into savings!!!

I will have to purchase feed this month but I have enough to hold me until after April 18th which means I will not only have a $15.00 off coupon that I qualified for with my purchase of feed in March but I will be getting a $10.00 off coupon for attending a Horse Owner’s Workshop from Purina! I still need to purchase Vaccines for the horses and dogs but will hold till mid-month.
We did purchase an additional 60 bales of square bales for 3.00 a bale. This is a really good deal and we purchase hay anytime we can get it this reasonable. I try to keep our hay money on hand because there are times where we have to go at the drop of a hat to pick it up and I always like to pay cash as much as possible. We keep this money in our Chicken account. I would rather go without feed before I would go without Hay and we keep at least 2 weeks worth of hay on hand at all times – we try to never get down so far that we run out.

My main concern right now is figuring out how much of a settlement we will get and what kind of vehicle we will be able to get for that amount. I pray that it is enough without having to dig into our savings – that would be very discouraging!

My goal is to now focus on working out at my designated time each day and eating better. I’ve had alot of stress the last 3 months and have lost focus and I need to re-focus – can’t expect Kit to start her training if I don’t commit to mine. In addition, I am going to try very hard not to eat from our cafeteria but from my own kitchen – Casa Thornton is now open for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. My friend Michelle suffered a terrible loss of her young son Jacob on April 4, 2009. This brave young man fought for 12 long years and he received much of his strength from his Mama who battled her own illness. His funeral was today and I pray that Michelle finds comfort in knowing that Jacob accepted Jesus and is in Heaven with no pain or illness. The next few weeks will be difficult for her and the YaYa Sisterhood will be right there to help her with her grieving.

We are still putting most of Bear’s checks in Savings and hope to continue to do so – I still reserve the right to adjust this if needed. We managed to move over 1/2 of James 2 checks into savings.

Well those are my goals for April – Can’t wait till May when James gets 3 checks! I just might buy him the rich people peanuts (Cashews)!

How did you do last month and what are your goals for this month?


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