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Caution – There is a Rant, Whine and confession coming!

April 14, 2009

Like I said in the subject line – Caution – There is a Rant, Whine and confession coming!

I apologize for being MIA – we have just had some traumatic events happen in a short period of time and I needed to decompress over the weekend – I went on a spending freeze for the weekend for anything but what we needed to get done.

As I sit and type this there are still things going on that I dont’ think anyone knows – I may look like the duck on top of the water but my feet below the water don’t stop! Even when I sit my mind is constantly running and it sometimes becomes just too much and I need some time to get it lined back out.

A week from last Saturday my friend Michelle lost her son Jacob to an illness he has battled for all 12 of his short years here on earth. Jacob had some remarkable conversations with his mother, family and pastor about dying, and heaven. He was such a strong young man and I say that he had an old soul in a young body. When asked if there was anything he wanted to tell anyone, this is what Jacob said:

“Please tell everyone not to be sad for me. Be happy because I am in Heaven and I am happy. I would really like to see everyone again, so please accept Jesus as your Savior so that we can all be together in Heaven.”

I attended Jacob’s funeral which was a time for sorrow but also a time for happiness to know that Jacob was with Jesus. Right after Jacob passed and Michelle was praying with the family she had a vision of Jacob hugging someone in white and turning, smiling and waving which gives her comfort. I am still praying for Michelle and her family as they go through the grieving.

In a span of 2 weeks – we lost Charlie, then Bear had an accident, a friend lost his brother to cancer, a colleague lost his wife to cancer, a friend lost her son (Jacob), another friend is taking care of her mother who is not doing well and her brother tried to kill himself, we lost two foals at the barn. So, as you can see, there has been a tremendous amount of grief over loss of friends, family(including our animal family), and stress from Bear’s accident (he is okay – still sore but okay).

I’ve had alot of pain in my pelvis area where I broke it about 2 years ago and in my sacrum area where I fractured the pelvis away from the sacrum (not good!) so I have not been sleeping very well so just the littlest thing is setting me off right now. Just the thought of my phone ringing and I think it is another call telling me Bear has been in an accident (One of my worst Nightmares). I also have severe tendonitis in my left heel which is excrutiating at times and I am less tolerant of things. I am hoping to get in to see my doctor in May (he is on vacation for the month of April).

S0 as you can see it has been a very traumatic 3 weeks for Bear and I. Thank you for letting me vent – it feels better to get it out than swallow it which is what I tend to do.

I will get back on track and start finding our deals, steals and freebies not to mention some opportunities you might want to check out to help extend your budget or emergency fund. I will get back to posting ad match-ups for Walgreens, CVS, Target,Wal-mart and when great Schnucks and Shop-n-Save.

Please pray for us that we are able to get a vehicle that will replace Sally and that we can move into the rest of April with less sorrow and more happiness.


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