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Cowgirl Up – Cowgirls don’t cry!

April 16, 2009

Oh but yes they do, especially when you mention dentist and visit in the same sentence!

Well, I Cowgirl’d Up and called to make an appointment to see a dentist and nearly broke down in tears just talking to the receptionist! Daddy, you would be proud because I Cowgirl’d Up!

Dentist scare the bejebies (is that even a word?) out of me! I would rather work cattle through cattle shutes all day in the heat than face a dentist. And if you have ever worked cattle through cattle shutes in the heat of the day you will understand what I am saying. It seems the more stressed cattle get – the more watery the stuff comes out their back end becomes! Plus add the dust and sweat – well you get the picture.

I am in need of some major dental work which alone scares the heck out of me – I have budgeted for this in my flexible spending plan so it is not the expense (well a little) it is having to climb in the chair and open wide while someone is coming at me with a big needle or drill – come on wouldn’t that just scare the h**l out of you too? Oh, did I mention I am clausterphobic when you try and put a mask on me? Well there goes the goofy gas – everyone says how much they love the goofy gas but not me – oh no, my mind and body will not allow me the benefit of enjoying goofy gas!

This new dental location does sedation – ears perked up when I found them and read all about sedation dentistry – they had to have had me in mind when they developed it – they give you a sweet little pill and you don’t remember much of the dentist visit at all! Okay, sign me up – I asked if I would get the little pill on the initial evaluation – nope – ya don’t get one for the first time! Okay, gotta stop and blow my nose cause I think I’m going to start crying again! *****Pause****** Whew, okay I Cowgirl’d Up again! Thought I was going to lose it again just thinking of that dentist chair. I tell you I would rather face down a bull (at least I would have a chance to run!).

Tuesday is going to be very traumatic for just the evaluation! I had to go in about 12 years ago for an impacted Wisdom tooth – they had to drill on it to open it up and they couldn’t numb it – all I can say is giving birth was NOTHING compared to that pain and then he couldn’t even pull the tooth – had to wait a whole 10 days on antibiotics before I got to go back in to have it pulled.
Now, when he numbed it this time it was numb but he asked me if I could feel the tooth and I was so darned scared it was going to hurt again that I said yes so I got a second shot of numbing medicine. The tooth was pulled – thank goodness, but I could not feel my tongue, lips or cheek all night – had to carry around a darn hankie to keep from looking like a drooling dog waiting for dinner!

Okay, wish me luck and pray for me that I get through this initial visit and I am a canidate for sedation denistry – I believe they will feel real sorry for me and let me have it!


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