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Getting Ahead Frugal and Simple

April 5, 2009

Jennifer at Getting Ahead hosts the Getting Ahead Frugal and Simple post every Friday – I’m late but have a couple of good reasons.

Well the last two weeks have been quite stressfull these last two weeks for Bear and I. We lost our beloved Charlie Angel on Wednesday (3/25) to Cancer, and then we lost my beloved Mustang on 4/1 to an automobile accident – Bear was not hurt Thank the Lord – I don’t know what I would do if anything were to happen to my Bear! So, this has not been the most Frugal two weeks of our lives. But I did have a couple of days that are noteworthy:

Friday I went to CVS and took in Bear’s prescriptions as I had a $25.00 gift card coupon so I walked out with $25.00 more than what I had when I walked in.

On Saturday last I took a prescription into Walgreens with a coupon for a $25.00 gift card – I walked out $25.00’s richer than what I had when I walked in.

I processed my gift card rebate for Walgreens on Friday – will be getting back about $22.00 which will be added to the 72.00 balance I have on my card.

I participated in my company’s taste test program for the month of March and earned 50 points which I will turn in for a $50.00 gift card to CVS.

Organized my coupons (AGAIN!) sometimes I let them get away from me! Printed the new coupons from Coupon.com – you can check them out here or on the right side bar.

Turned in more SWAGBUCKS into AMAZON credit – I’m up to $30.00 in credit – I’m holding out for a top of the line fry pan! If you don’t SWAG, you should – it is the easiest way to earn gift cards!

Purchased 4 round bales at a good price ($30.00 each) which saved us $80.00 – they are Normally $50.00 each.

Signed up for Stamps.com as Cashbaq was offering $20.00 in Cash Back for signing up plus you get $5.00 in free postage for the trial month! Be sure to read all the details if you elect to participate in this deal. If you are not signed up with Cashbaq you can sign-up and automatically get $5.00 credited to your account for FREE!

We are on a spending freeze for the rest of this month – only essentials will be purchased and we have one big expense to take care of which is the truck going to the shop.

Would love to hear about how you are frugal and simplifying your life.
Please leave comments as I love to read comments. I’m working on my Budget for April and will post later this week.


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