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Getting Ahead Frugally and Simple

April 17, 2009

It is time to let you know how frugal I have been this week and get back to normal life (if that is possible). Jennifer at Getting Ahead hosts a Getting Ahead Frugal and Simple post of what she did and invites others to join in the fun!

What did Raging Bear Ranch do frugally this week?

Bear, God Love Him, takes his lunch faithfully every day – me on the other hand need some help but this weekend I will be putting together some lunches for the coming week to help me with taking my lunch EVERY DAY. I’m the type that if I have to heat it or mix it at lunch then I want no part of it. I’ve searched the Web high and low and found some things that I can make ahead of time to solve this issue.

I have not bought any soda at work all week (except today – my reward)! I’m cutting back to one a week or at least trying to limit my intake.

Went in on a load of hay with my friend Margie – $3.00 a bale grass/alfalfa and it was delivered! Can’t beat saving fuel! Now it is just the labor of unloading 128 bale of hay!

Bear and I completed the additional learning modules at Omolene University to qualify for the money saving coupon. In addition, for completing the modules we received points that were added to our accounts. Purina has added Coupons that you can purchase with your points – 15 points equals a 10.00 coupon – I had enough for 4 coupons (shipping is a flat 6.49 per order) and James had enough for 3 coupons. Even with $13.00 in Shipping costs we will be saving $57.00 off of our feedbill. This savings will be put in the horses Emergency fund (we just dwindled it down with Charlie and then the vaccinations for the horses). We also signed up for the Purina 60 day trial of their newly released products and will be receiving in May the trial kit that includes money saving coupons and at the end we will get another coupon. A pre-requisite for my kids who work for riding lessons is to complete these modules – when they receive the coupons they turn them in for a free pass on barn duty and an extra hour of riding time!

Purchased 4) 44lb bags of Purina Dog Chow for $25.49 – had 4 coupons totaling $5.00, used an e-mail coupon I received from Pet Smart for $15.00 off a $60.00 total, had $28.00 in rebate checks from Purina – the bags were also on a pet perks special for $17.49 each!! Total before my coupons and rebate checks – $91.98! I am thinking of using another $15.00 coupon before the sale on the dog food expires!

Used my Free SoftSoap Register Rewards that I got on the SoftSoap rewards deal – I turned in all three for free soap!

Used our $15.00 in Catalinas from Kmart in three separate transactions – Found a package of Hanes underwear for Bear that was a bonus pack so instead of 7 we got 10 for $3.18 after $5.00 catalina. I found a package of 5 Hanes tagless t-shirts and with the $5.00 catalina it was $2.18. Last purchase was a 6 pack of fruit of the loom ladies panties for me (I can never find them in a bonus pack!) and after $5.00 catalina paid $3.18!

Received my $15.00 Olay Mastercard – I’m saving this for a special occasion.

Received a $10.00 off $20.00 coupon to one of our favorite Barbecue places – SMOKEY BONES!

Turned in my 50 points from my taste testing that I do at work and received $25.00 in Barnes and Nobel gift card and $25.00 in Texas Roadhouse Steakhouse!

Used my Free Rimmel Mascara Coupon from All You at Wal-Mart, bought 3 bottles of Kraft Dressing for $.24 after coupons and bought 2 bottles of the All Laundry detergent.
Even passed out my blog card to the people next to me who commented on my coupons and how much I had saved!

Organized my Coupon Binder and printed out the fliers to Kmart in advance – I’m ready for the Triple/Double Coupon Event.

Called to double check that the insurance and cancelled my coverage to the Mustang that was totaled on April 1st. Still driving a rental and waiting for their insurance to settle with us. They had not but did it retroactively – Saved us $50 dollars since it was going to be deducted on 4/15/2009!

This is about all that my brain is allowing me to come up with right now! I’m pretty worn out – the last 4 weeks have been an emotional roller coaster. I’m sure glad today is Friday!


One Response to Getting Ahead Frugally and Simple

  1. Jennifer on April 17, 2009 at 9:31 pm

    Way to go at Kmart, it isn’t often you can save money on underwear.

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