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Have you ever had a day?

April 2, 2009

Have you ever had a day that you wanted to just start over or hurry up and be over? Yesterday was that day!

The day started out fine, we were running a bit late but nothing rushed or would give us a pre-cursor to what was going to happen. Bear dropped me off at work and went to pick up Migual (a guy that he works with). About 25 minutes after dropping me off I got a phone call from Bear. Now you have to remember, yesterday was April Fool’s day and he hardly ever calls until after he reaches work so I am thinking that this could be an attempt at an April Fool’s joke.

Well, it wasn’t – far from it. Bear had been in an accident (my worst nightmare is to get a call of this nature and not be there to take care of it!)!!! I asked him if he was okay and then what happened (I’m running through different scenarios) and he said that a guy going South (he was going North) turned left right in front of him and he t-boned them. I told him that I would find a way to get to him as quickly as I could. A colleague happened to get to work early and he said he would take me to James. I called and told him I was headed his way.

When we arrived, Brian, my colleague, stayed while I went to check on Bear. He was sore and a little disoriented which is to be expected. He was apologizing for the Mustang(my baby) and I told him that Sally did everything I would have wanted her to do and that was protect him. He is sore today but no major injuries to both parties. The poor guy he hit not only received a totaled vehicle but also a ticket for failure to yield. He was an older man and just said he did not see James until it was too late and he accepted full responsibility. We had reviewed our insurance and last year had made the decision to move it to liability since it was paid for – Thank goodness this gentleman had insurance.

Brian transported Bear and I to the hospital to get James checked out and they gave him a prescription and set-up an appointment to see our primary care Doctor on Thursday. While on the way to the hospital I called our insurance (PROGRESSIVE – THEY ARE AWESOME) and advised what had happened. They opened the claim and within 45 minutes the rep assigned to our claim called. I gave him the insurance information that I had collected from the police officer and even though we only had liablity he asked if I would like for him to make the phone call to the other parties insurance and get things started. WOW! What a relief that was for them to take that off my to do list so that I can attend to my Bear!

While James was in the ER, I took the time to call and set-up with ENTERPRISE RENTAL a car. They were awesome and once Bear was released from the ER, Enterprise came to the hospital and took us back to their rental location.

Bear wanted to see our horses last night and when we were leaving the geese started to charge the car (they have become territorial) and usually they stop but one did not and we couldn’t see him and we ran over the goose! Bless Bear’s heart – he felt so bad!

Today, we have been advised that the other gentleman’s insurance has accepted full responsibility (well duh!) and that they would need to get me a rental car. I told them that I had already picked up a rental car and that I had gone through Enterprise and they were actually waiting for the information from Hartford to move me over to a insurance rental.

Looks like we will be in the rental for a few days – which is fine but now we are having to go through the expense of having to find another vehicle, James missing two days of work (not a big deal finacially – remember our Emergency Fund) but just being inconvenienced in having to take off to take care of paperwork and such.

Bear and I have been discussing and saving some money back for another vehicle – it’s just that we wanted another one in addition to the mustang and it looks like the money saved back for that one will now have to be our primary!

Also, I’ve been doing my due dilligence in finding out what dealer, private value, and trade-in value is for our mustang and what they will be offering us in a settlement. This is where it gets messy because they aren’t going to give me enough to go back out and get another car that can replace Sally and here is where my negotiation skills will have to be up to par. I don’t think it is worth bringing a lawyer into the deal but I believe that James does deserve something for what he has gone through and is still going through. So, hopefully with a little negotiation we will be able to come to a settlement that both sides are happy with – hey, I can always wish right?

Soooo, Have you ever had a day?


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